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The Legend Of The StarCrusher: Astral Compression And The Fall Of The Sun

Astral Compression And The Fall Of The Sun

The Legend Of The StarCrusher

(HypnoAthletics) [Science Fiction] It has come to my attention through S.P.A.C.E., the sentience protection agency and cosmic embassy, that there is a sinister plot lurking within the minds of mortal human coils.

In brief, we have been lead to believe that our dreams are simply ephemeral whisps, without meaning beyond chemical randomness processed by the sleeping brain.

When in fact, we have been hijacked.

Our astral bodies are indeed quite formidable and powerful beings that have the capacity to have great impact upon the matters of our vast and quite eternal Universe.

But our free will has been made a mockery of.

While we would usually have free reign in this astral realm to cleanse the mistakes ad make right the harm we do to ourselves and each other in our material composition; we have instead been made to carry out the vile and destructive whims of a hostile intelligence that seeks to control and destroy.

And what shall we do about this?

The simple answer is to wake up.

But when we do not know yet that we are enslaved, how then do we liberate ourselves from this?

What we would suppose are our dreams of all kinds of strange and amazing fantasies, are in reality, the deeds and missions we carry out at the wishes of our captors.

And yet we sleep on..

And disregard all of this activity as nothing more than what we call imagination.

Yet it is imagination that creates and destroys everything of this world and our entire, eternal existence.

Supernovas, quasars, pulsars, and galaxies.

We are the makers and the takers.

StarCrushers all of us.

And if we do not soon come to awaken to the enslavement that we have betrayed ourselves to, there will soon be nothing left of a world to return to.

The work of Astral Compression shall bring about the Fall of the Sun.

A grand plan of these malevolent beings who have captured our consciousness.

Shall we forever sleep?

More shall be revealed as this quest unfolds. There soon shall be no place to hide from it. And we all shall be made to take control of our desitiny.

Sentience Protection agency and Cosmic Embassy (S.P.A.C.E.)
GrandMaster HABA

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