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Do NOT attend tonight at 9pm EST if you are a Wussy. Sent Monday, March 10, 2014

If you are a Wussy

Do NOT attend tonight at 9pm EST. Monday, March 10, 2014

Hello – I’m back.
And just created the best plan and thinking
I’ve had in the last 2 years to take things to
another level that will make what we’ve
done in the past look …
…non existant.
If you want to know the plan – and you are
NOT a wussy, you have permission to 
attend the call – even if you’re not in
Empower Networkfor FREE.
* You may only attend for free if you
are NOT a wussy.
Here are the details:
9pm EST tonight.
Listener line: (209)255-1040
**No access code needed**

Here’s what you’re going to learn tonight:

* How a Hawaiian ex ‘Coffee Shop‘ worker became the
#1 affiliate in the largest online direct sales 
company in history (Keala is going to BLOW
your mind with this)
* How a broke MMA fighter without a place to live 
decided “ENOUGH is ENOUGH”, punched poverty
in the face, and made $5,000 LAST WEEK.
(Paul Gardiner is the new rocky – you’ll see why
* How a middle age ‘Ex Internet Marketer‘ threw
in the towel on Click Bank Bullshit, and started
sponsoring more people a WEEK than old schoolers
do in a TWO YEARS – and created sponsoring 
mayhem I can only describe as:
“The Michelangelo Affect”
Here’s the biggest takeaway you’ll have though:
*** How I’m going to build a $150 million company
in 2014 (we did $63 million last year alone) and how
you can take this formula – and just…
…friggin’ take over the world.
Here are the details again:
9pm EST tonight.
Listener line: (209)255-1040
No access code needed
* Only rule:  No wussies allowed.

To ANOTHER level,
Hakeem Alexander
“The GrandMaster Field Commander.”

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