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“The Internet Traffic Formula” goes live at 12 noon EST (Monday 3-24-2014)

“The Internet Traffic Formula” goes live at 12 noon EST…

Sent Monday, March 24, 2014

I’ve been waiting for this since our Miami
event, when I realized how powerful this
is going to be.
I realized it as I was standing on a stage
with Vick Strizheus, and over a thousand
people swarmed on to the stage with their
credit cards in hand, ready to get the ‘pre
release’ version of a product we’ve been
perfecting for more than 90 days, called:
Now, as you’re reading this, you get to
get on the list before the first video goes
live, and prepare yourself…
…for pure ‘badassery’:
Here’s a photo of more than 1,000 people
swarming Vick, just to get access to the
‘Pre-Launch-Version’ LIVE – in Miami:
Click the photo now:

Because you want traffic.
You want leads.
And I’m about to show you:
“The Internet Traffic Formula”
At EXACTLY 12 noon EST.
Because you want to.
Don’t you?
– Hakeem Alexander
Since you have probably seen my amateur tough-man videos, you’ll know that
I really “punch Wussies in the Face.
P.S.  If you are not a wussy…

P.P.S. Don’t be a wussy

100,000 Visitors / 40,000 Leads
One-Hundred Thousand Visitors
Forty-Thousand Leads

I think that David Wood and Vic Strizheus are tried and true BAD ASSES!

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