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Back by popular demand :)

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– Hakeem Alexander

P.S. Here’s a reminder of all of the bonuses you
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Bonus #1: Super Traffic Agency Referral

If you watched the free video series, you saw as

Vick showed you his favorite place to get buyer

traffic right now – the super agency.

He get as much as 100K clicks per day of buyers

traffic from there and its of the highest quality


As far as I know there’s only ONE agency out

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To get traffic from this agency, you need:

A) A referral.

. Pay $1,000 to become a member of the



ANYONE who purchases ITF by 11:59PM EST will
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This bonus alone will off-set your entire ITF tuition.

A Real NO-BRAINIER (in my opinion).

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Bonus #2: Easy Landing Page PRO

Remember all of the time, work and technical
omplications involved in building a landing

… Only to finish worrying and wondering if it
will even convert?

Bonus #2 is a dream come true

This is a really awesome software Vick’s developed
that allows you to create stunning landing pages in
less than a minute.

No HTML, programming or design skills needed!

Total newbie friendly. You’re going to LOVE IT.

Other similar tools will cost you anywhere from $47 –
$197 per month to use.

This is all yours, when you click this link and order
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Bonus #3: Behind the Scenes Traffic Tactics
Live Webinar training with Vick

How would you like to go behind the scenes and
see exactly how a traffic kingpin like Vick sets-up,
manages and runs his traffic campaigns?

The good news? You can

In this private live webinar training, Vick is going

to show you LIVE breakthrough traffic tactics that
you can immediately deploy into your business.

You’ll receive a special invitation to attend this live
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BONUS #4: Live (In person) workshop with


There are three private workshops Vick is hosting
which you will qualify to attend by purchasing ITF.

… These workshops will cover advanced traffic
techniques that you deploy into your business.

Information on how to register will be sent to you
once you’ve registered for Internet Traffic Formula.

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SUPER BONUS #5: Weekly Coaching calls with

Have you ever experienced a time where you bought
a brand new training, and you said to yourself “this is

the one.”

And, all of the sudden you run into a roadblock and

you feel lost and hopeless because you have no way
to figure it out?

Fret not my friend, that’s a thing of the past, because
you will join Vick, live, on weekly group coaching calls
where he’s going to guide you step-by-step on how to

get the most out of Internet Traffic Formula.

There’s no time left.

Internet Traffic Formula, along with all of the bonuses
Vick has brought back (and offering to you) is going to
be removed Saturday at 11:59PM EST.

… Less than 48 hours from now.

This is your chance to say goodbye to all of your traffic
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