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Are You In?

Hello there!

I want to show you what happens when
a VISION takes on a life of it’s own

A little over 2 years ago,
my mentor Dave took a vision
and brought it to life…

Since then, we’ve created 8+ million dollar
earners, have helped countless people
earn six-figure incomes….

… And witnessed as everyday people
broke free of their ordinary lives and
began to live again.

Live a life on their terms.

Live a life of freedom.

More importantly, living and leading a
life that goes onto create an IMPACT.

Not just on themselves…

Not just their families…

But everyone who’s path they cross.

That vision was Empower Network.

… And tonight, that VISION is going
to get bigger.

My vision this year is simple.

Create an IMPACT.

… And I invite you to join me.

On this movement, to create an IMPACT
much bigger than anyone’s seen before.

And it starts now.

Dial in tonight at 9:00PM EST, and I’m
going to personally show you how we
can create the biggest impact ever.

Dial in here: (209)255-1040 at
9:00PM EST

* No access code required.

I’ll see you there,

Hakeem Alexander

* The results achieved by others in
this email are not typical.

We proudly display our earnings of
all of our affiliates, along with our full
income disclosure online.

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