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We are removing some of the bonuses for Internet Traffic Formula.

I just received a time sensitive message from Vick telling

me that there is less than 4 hours to claim your bonuses

for Internet Traffic Formula.


Click here to claim your bonuses now:


———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Vick Strizheus <>
Date: Tue, Apr 1, 2014 at 9:17 AM
Subject: Fwd: 4 Hours Left – (hot news!)


Hey – just wanted to drop a quick note and remind 

you that the 2 giant bonuses I’m giving away for

Internet Traffic Formula will disappear forever in

4 hours from now.


You can actually see the real timer here:



What exactly are these bonuses?




If you watched my free video series, I showed you

my favorite place to get BUYERS traffic right now –

the super agency.


I get as much as 100K clicks per day of buyers

traffic from there and its of the highest quality available.


As far as I know there’s only ONE agency out there

that can get you the highest quality buyers traffic.


To get traffic from this agency, you need:


A) A referral.


. Pay $1,000 to become a member of the agency.




I secured a limited number of referrals and free passes

to the Super Agency for my Internet Traffic Formula Elite

Coaching Program students.


(I actually teach you a great deal about traffic agencies

in ITF. It’s one of the modules!)


So when I opened the doors to Internet Traffic Formula

yesterday – I said for anybody who gets in for the first

2 hours I will give them a free referral to the Super Agency

AND give them a free pass so they get their $1,000

agency membership fee waived…


Well, what happened is we broke the internet LOL


I received a ton of emails and messages from folks saying

they couldn’t watch this video and could join ITF due to

the overload on the video servers. ..


So I’ve decided to be super cool and said I’m going to go

ahead and extend this bonus until 12Noon EST Today,

Tuesday, April 1st.



on this page reaches zero and I’ll get you in the Super

Agency AND get your $1K membership fee waived.



This bonus alone will off-set your entire ITF tuition.


A Real NO-BRAINER (in my opinion).





This is a really awesome software we’ve developed

that allows you to create stunning landing pages in

less than a minute.


No HTML, programming or design skills needed!


Total newbie frindly. You’re going to LOVE IT.


Other similar tools will cost you anywhere from $47 –

$197 per month to use.


Get Internet Traffic Formula before the timer on this page

reaches zero and I will set you up with a free account

to this proprietary software. You won’t need to pay a dime.

Get it here now:

Listen, as you can clearly see, just these 2 bonuses alone

will more than off-set your entire tuition to ITF.


Why am I doing this?


My mission is to make my Internet Traffic Formula students

the most successful and powerful marketers in the industry

by the time they graduate from the program.


If you want to be in this group – click here and GET ITF NOW:


Of course, if you don’t – that’s fine with me too.


Thought I’d let you know.


Again, here’s your link to get Internet Traffic Formula now:



Talk soon,



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