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Billion-Dollar Digestion: The Reason I Eat Bugs And Dirt

Investing The Money That Grows On Trees Into Your Body

I spend more money on really high-quality food every month than I do on everything else except for self-education. There is a secret in that statement that you should study to figure out.

is one of the reasons why I am able to be out of my house from between
12 to 16-hours every day having fun and being active, moving from town
to town, back-packing and meeting people without slowing down except for
smelling the roses!

Some time ago on http://eym.HypnoAthletics.com, I published an essay about how I found a super-powered secret
for revitalizing my physical body through nutrition. Since then, I have
had a most wonderful series of daily revelations of the true power of Optimal Health.

OrthoMolecular Immunology

have been around literally thousands of people who were sneezing,
coughing, gagging and complaining about how ill they were and I was
completely unaffected. There was one time when I did have the runny-nose
issue for a few days but it was my own fault. I was so excited about
something I was working on that I did not sleep for three days!

Sherman Oaks Tuesday Farmers’ Market.

money tree


I really love to eat a lot. But I like to feel awesome even more. So I have found a way to eat a lot of wonderful foods that help me to feel awesome!



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