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Seven Years of Dedicated Blogging on the Books!

Happy BirthDay HypnoAthletics! 317 & 322

March 17 2013 is my one month Empower Network Blog Birthday and March 22nd 2013 is the 7-year anniversary of my HypnoAthletics Blogs! St. Patrick’s Day and the birth of Spring, the Vernal Equinox!

20 years! Can you imagine my surprise on the day I realized that I had been practicing an art form called Capoeira for 20-years. Capoeira is an African art form that was transplanted to Brasil and several other parts of the world through the slave trade.

Capoeira is a beautiful art that is a combination of dancing, playing and self-defense
combat training. All three of these are integrated with the rhythm of
music and flow of lyrics that help to guide the pace and intention of
the game during play.

You can read about the beginning of my Capoeira journey by visiting my original blog that is now 7-years old on



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