Wanted: Information Marketing Intern

Wanted: Information Marketing Intern


You are Independent and do not want or need a job. But at the same time
you really want to show off and / or develop your skills in marketing,
promotions and advertising. You are pro-active and a go-getter.

Can you drive traffic to a high converting offer?

You love playing around on social-networks while at the same time
sharing a powerful message and making progressive, productive and
positive changes in your world. You are able to and / or willing to
learn to motivate and inspire others towards self-improvement.

Do you know how to identify a “target market”?

You may also be into healthy-living and self-defense. You are mindful,
aware and conscious. You understand how to really stay healthy and fit.
You may be an athlete or a weekend warrior. You may just be a bad-ass
and be a little allergic to wussies.

Are you a natural leader who is a lead generation master?

You want to be part of something real, authentic and genuinely awesome.
You love the internet just as much as you love to socialize with warm,
flesh and blood, beautiful people. No matter if you lock arms with me,
or some other super-hero, you are going to change the world no matter

You might even have a little bit of activist or conspiracy theorist in you (but no too much!)

If this is you, then you are the “Wanted: Information Marketing Intern”
that I am seeking and wish to meet, learn from and teach. Let’s get this
party started.


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