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Network Marketers Are Flaky So Please Stay Away From Me You Wussies!

Network Marketers Are Flaky So Please Stay Away From Me You Wussies!

people who join network marketing, direct sales and  multi-level
marketing are very flaky. They usually fall for a bunch of hype and get all pumped up like they’ve been to some kind self-help cult event for three days and then do nothing.

Network marketers are for the most part a bunch of wussies. They get awe-struck by some bad-ass, bull-dog marketing guru and promise to do what the guru says.

wussy network marketers who make these promises then prove to be a
bunch of idiots by failing over and over again. They jump from one bright shiny object to the next big thing and wonder why their results suck. And then they quit.

only do they quit, but they start talking shit about the various
companies that they were a part of. They fail to realize that everywhere
they go the one thing that is the same is them. The wussy direct sales
person thinks they can stay the same and get better results.

will never happen. The truth is that you have to work on yourself in
every single way possible. You have to establish your P.I.N. (Passive Income Number) and learn to deposit real value into the world.

have to become a leader and stop making excuses for your shortcomings
and lack of desired results. Instead of blaming other people you have to
look within yourself and make things happen no matter what obstacles get in your way.

Just quit trying to find an easy way out and become an authentic leader that other people will be glad to receive advice from and follow their wisdom because it is inspiring.

have to decide right now that you are being the type of person who
doesn’t take shit from anybody and just goes out and gets results. Stop
being a wussy! Invest in yourself and find a kick-ass vehicle that you can express yourself through and prosper.

When you begin your journey and become the bad ass that you know that you can be; then you start to do lots of bad ass things; and you will have all of the awesome and bad ass things that you have always wanted to have.

The very moment that you make this commitment to yourself,
you will get instant access to a whole new you. But really it is the
real you. The way that you always could have, would have and should have
been. But now you have access to that now.

being a modern day slave to your fear and your boss and your job and a
mediocre life. I want to work with serious business people who are ready
to get all in and make a true effort to completely transform.

Network Marketers Are Flaky So Please Stay Away From Me You Wussies!

But if you are serious about the truth of yourself.
if you know that you can break through into your superhuman being. If
you know that it is the time to get access now to all of the things that
you truly desire. Then don’t be a wussy. You know what to do.


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