Resistance Training

Resistance training is used to increase strength. It is typically incorporated in a personalized fitness program, that includes exercises designed to help increase muscle strength, muscle endurance and muscle power. Resistance training is usually performed by utilizing mechanical equipment and/or free weights. The goal of resistance training is to overload the musculoskeletal system so it responds to the stress. Regular resistance training strengthens bones, builds and strengthens muscles, and improves overall cardiovascular conditioning.

The muscle cells adapt to the extra workload by enlarging (hypertrophy) and recruiting greater numbers of nerve cells to aid contraction. Resistance training can cause the body to burn calories at rest and even during sleep. Compared to fat, muscle tissue is more “metabolically active” at rest, meaning the body expends more energy to maintain a larger musculature.

The benefits of regular resistance training include:

· Increased muscle strength, power, endurance and size

· Improved metabolism 

· Increased bone density

· Reduced body fat

· Improved balance and stability

· Lowered heart rate

· Lowered blood pressure

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