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Professional KappaGuerra: Championship Combat Sports Entertainment

By Hakeem Alexander

Professional KappaGuerra (PKG) (also Pro-KappaGuerra) is a Championship Combat Sports Entertainment Organization. As the main focus of PKG, participants and competitors are expertly trained in African Capoeira, Western Boxing, Muy Thai, Greco-Roman Wrestling, African Grappling, Free-Style Wrestling and Brasilian Jiu-Jitsu, MMA and Professional Wrestling.

Pro-KappaGuerra may be simplified as a fusion of Capoeira and Professional Wrestling Entertainment. Many of the events are staged and scripted shows, while the stunts and action are real, and require expert training and skill in order to execute live stunt entertainment in the safest manner possible, while demonstrating the most realistic aspects of hand-to-hand combat to viewers.

The purpose of this training is to inspire confidence in the participant athletes of their competence and ability to maintain Healthy Living and be prepared for Self-Defense. To remain consistent and to motivate self-improvement in these skill sets, participants are encouraged, but not required to, engage in live, and / or recorded Professional Sports Entertainment demonstrations, competitions and other events.

The various entertainment events and exhibitions may also serve to recruit participants who may be interested in learning the skill sets necessary to maintain competence in understanding and execution of Healthy Living and Self-Defense concepts and practices.

The founding members of Professional KappaGuerra are:
Jose Canelo
Hakeem Alexander
Martin Moran
Donald Dias
Rene Moran
Nick Goshulak
Christine Snipes

Professional KappaGuerra
Championship Combat Sports Entertainment Organization
Hakeem Alexander
4930 Balboa Blvd.
Encino CA. 91426

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