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KickBoxing-101 (KB1) [Certification] – Exercising Your Mind
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KickBoxing-101 (KB1) [Certification]

By Ali Bocas

(Exercising Your Mind) Strengthen muscles, improve endurance, and optimize metabolism with KickBoxing-101 (KB1 ) Healthy-Living & Self-Defense (HL&SD) training based on Thai & Western Boxing movements, strategy & rituals.
Course I.D.  & alt. I.D. – [HA.KB-101] / [HA.KickBox-101] / [HA.KB-1]
10-Hour Training, Consultation & Certification Game-Course 
Certified HypnoAthletics Practitioner (CHAP)

1/10 – On-Guard Stance, advance & retreat, circling and stuttering.
2/10 – On-Guard Stance, Slip, Jab, Cross, Parry & Jump-Switch.
3/10 – On-Guard Stance, Bob & Weave, Hooks, Elbows & Back-Fist.
4/10 – On-Guard Stance, Shovel-Hook, Upper-Cut, Shoulder-Bump.
5/10 – On-Guard Stance, Clinch, Plumb, Knee, Head & Arm.
6/10 – On-Guard Stance, Push-Kick, Thrust-Kick, Point-Kick.
7/10 – On-Guard Stance, Shin-Block, Snap-Kick, RoundHouse-Kick.
8/10 – On-Guard Stance, Side-Kick, Hammer-Kick, Back-Kick.
9/10 – On-Guard Stance, Crescent-Kick, Axe-Kick.
10/10 – On-Guard Stance, Falls, Rolls, Stand-Up Recovery.
*Optional Participation in Graduation Ceremony with other KickBoxing-101 Alumni through Live-Interactive Advanced Training*
Group (3+)
{1/10} $115.00 = 1-round
{5/10} $550.00 = 5-rounds; $110 per round
{10/10} $1,000.00 = 10-rounds; $100 per round
Private (2-)
{1/10} $175.00 = 1-round
{5/10} $750.00 = 5-rounds; $150 per round
{10/10} $1,200.00 = 10-rounds ; $120 per round
Founded on 20-years of in-action experience, Hakeem Alexander’s HypnoAthletics 10-Hour KickBoxing-101 Certification Course is quite effectively and accurately “Exercising Your Mind for Healthy Living & Self-Defense”
For more information on these group training and private consultation sessions in HypnoAthletic’s 10-Hour Training, Consultation & Certification Game-Course, Contact:
UniquilibriuM / HypnoAthletics
Hakeem Alexander
(001) 818 430-5441
1/10 – 
2/10 – 
3/10 – 
4/10 – 
5/10 – 
6/10 – 
7/10 – 
8/10 – 
9/10 – 
10/10 –
Among the many benefits of practicing martial-arts, this introductory course may also serve as
  • A complete set of full-body exercises to practice for optimum fitness;
  • The key to confidence in training and learning KickBoxing with others;
  • A basic foundation for self-defense training;
  • The motivation to continue a healthy life-style.
KickBoxing-101 uses “Fundamental techniques applied through a program of high-intensity interval training. Appropriate for beginners and challenging enough for experienced practitioners.”
Practitioners of KickBoxing-101 “Learn the fundamentals of Healthy-Living and Self-Defense to develop a powerful, lean, flexible, vibrant and relaxed physical body.”
Sculpt your body and build strength while playing with a small set of closed-system movements and techniques that naturally evolve into a personally customizable open-system of Healthy-Living and Self-Defense techniques.
The teacher training course, the Certified HypnoAthletics Master Practitioner (CHAMP) has not yet been released.

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