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How To Unleash Your World Class Marketing Expertise Through Online Motivational Writing

Hakeem Alexander

(Exercising Your Mind)

Not knowing how to do something has never stopped me from
setting out to do it, and I’ve become convinced that anybody can become
competent, even expert at just about anything; there are books,
cassettes, courses, classes, teachers, mentors, newsletters,
associations, an absolute abundance of information linked to virtually
any and every skill or ability or occupation you can think of
.” –Dan Kennedy; The Ultimate Success Secret

You can truly live on purpose and be enormously successful in any way you choose to apply life-style design.
You have everything you need, wherever you are and at any point in your
life to create fantastic value and share it with other to realize your
own ideal of ultimate success!

Please allow me to illustrate with a personal example. I have always
been very excited, fascinated by and eager to study, practice and teach
all things related to Healthy-Living & Self-Defense. I always worked with focus and determination to be “GrandMasterHakeem Alexander. Because of this powerful inner-drive, I have taken every opportunity and advantage I could find to experience my goals.

Before I was fully aware that I was living my dream, a lot of people have often wondered and marveled,
sometimes even doubted, and often criticized how I am able to become
fully professional and expert in an enormous set of diverse specialties.

The people who wonder and marvel are those who have personal experience with learning directly from me, any number of life changing skills.
These include yoga, kickboxing, body-sculpting, breathing meditation,
orthomolecular nutrition, guided-imagery, mat-pilates, self-hypnosis,
metaphysics and many, many others.

The doubters and criticizers are 99.9% of the time
those who do not, and believe that they can not do what it is that I do
and at the same time actually be in possession of the world-class
expertise I command. These “nay-sayers” are most probably envious,
jealous and even afraid of my empowered actions.

The very interesting and also extremely important way that sets the
two groups apart is the fact that the doubters and criticizers are
people who have never met me and are in the same industry or businesses.
Meanwhile, those who wonder and marvel are those who know me personally and have direct experience with the methods that I use to share my diverse set of highly refined skills.

Today, I am the Director of Marketing for many of Southern California‘s
most highly skilled experts in the martial-arts, fitness, wellness and
health industries. My marketing and promotion expertise has also reached
into the entertainment industry, particularly with musicians, but also
with models, actors, dancers and other entertainers.

I simply took massive action whenever I wanted to
learn about something. I worked for a fitness company here in California
for 9-years. For 8 of those years I worked without any fitness
certifications of any kind after the one I got hired with expired.

The reason for this was that I was able to consistently demonstrate
my expertise in several different health and wellness disciplines. I did
this by starting to volunteer for teaching assignments in classes I was
only barely familiar with and “failing forward” to success.

There was even one class when one of the students actually guided me
through the class that she was a regular in. Even though I was a bit
embarrassed and could have easily done my confused way. Instead, I took
it as an opportunity to learn from someone with more experience than I had.

After that incident, every single class after that was conducted in
the most expert and fascinating manner that I could possibly deliver
through the highest order of my capabilities. I realized that if a “student” could run the class just from repeated exposure, then I could accelerate that type of learning by immersing myself in as much exposure with what I would be teaching in all of my so-called “free-time“.

You should never satisfy yourself being satisfactory.” –Lawrence Tam

Online Motivational Writing & Internet Success


One of the most powerful tools for realizing, experiencing and acting on the fulfillment of being a specialist and expert in Healthy-Living & Self-Defense has been and still is “Motivational Writing“.

While I was a student at the Hypnosis Motivation Institute, “America’s First Nationally Accredited College of Hypnotherapy“,
I learned a little bit about graphology, or the study of handwriting.
Sometimes it is called handwriting analysis. One of the most important
concepts from graphology that I have learned to “Cite & Apply” is the ideomotor function.

The ideomotor function is simply the fact that when you write, your
brain more easily stores the learning of what you are writing because
there is a direct circuit built into our nervous system from writing. Because when we write with pen, pencil and even crayons, for the years that we have been writing, our nerves “hard-wire” a direct link from our hands, eyes and ears into our brain.

Handwritten documents are very powerful tools to learning because it uses so many different organs of sensation. We must look at the writing with the sight of our eyes. We often hear the words in our head with our listening ears. And of course we feel the words with our moving hands across the pages.

There is an advanced process that I have developed using the
ideomotor function combined with reading, practicing and sharing that is
known as “Holographic Algebra“, amongst The Billion-Dollar Master-Mind, Private Reserve-33, “Good God Gold” Members.

And if you understand this process, you will command your own success story by literally through literature, writing your own success story. Just like a journalist documents stories to share with the community and the world, you can also be a journalist and share your growth and learning experiences. First in your own handwriting in notebooks and journals and then integrate your ideas and share with the gigantic potential audience online.

Just like the American Medical Association has The JOURNAL of The American Medical Association, you can also have the JOURNAL of YOU. This is the secret to Motivational Writing Success. You must study, practice, share or teach and WRITE about your ACTIVITIES. You must keep a journal of the things you are actually doing and document The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.

Learn How To Unleash Your World-Class Marketing Expertise Through Online Motivational Writing

You can learn to quickly Cite & Apply strategies, techniques and tactics online and offline, and write your own success story. The Online Motivational Writing & Internet Success Course may be just the key you have been searching for to unleash your marketing genius through massive action and consistency.

Action + Bliss = Confidence

Reveal Your Ultimate Intelligence, Command Your Highest Emotions and Enjoy Your Optimal Health. Write your own success story and sign up for my Online Motivational Writing & Internet Success Course RIGHT NOW.


If not knowing something stands between you and what you want to
accomplish, get busy and go get that know-how. It really is that simple
.” –Dan Kennedy; The Ultimate Success Secret


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