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Successful People Invest In Themselves

Successful People Invest In Themselves and Unsuccessful People Waste Resources

The second part of that statement which was
not in the title seems to me to be implied. Or, I may have heard it
somewhere. It is interesting to think about. Interesting to me because
of the results I have been experiencing.

Would you consider yourself to be successful? Or do you just waste resources?

The length of time it takes you to definitely answer that question may be more revealing than the answer itself.

Do you have an idea of what success is?

Have you ever thought about what a definition of success might sound like?

I am successful. I feel successful even
though sometimes I do not have all of the so-called trappings of
success, like a nice car or any car at all, lots of money and widgets,
gadgets and gizmos from all the latest techno-fabulous outlets.

I had a BlackBerry phone
for two years and only upgraded because it was falling apart and Sprint
gave me a “free” upgrade with a new two-year contract of course. My new GALAXY S3 is pretty cool.

But back to this whole successful people
invest in themselves business. Is it a bunch of crap? Am I delusional to
believe I am successful? My answer to that question may surprise you
very much. And, there may even be a really cool and wonderful formula
for success revealed!

But before I answer the question of whether
or not I am delusional for believing in myself, allow me to share a
story with you. Once upon a ledge, very high, high up in the sky. On the
edge of the roof-top on a hotel, very windy just to increase the
danger, wobbled a very drunk heavy metal band singer.

This singer was actually not just “singing”
but actually belting our gutteral, animal-like, demonic sounds, because
the band was a Death-Metal Band that did that sort of
thing. The band was on a week-end trip after performing for a
“toys-for-tots” type of event to raise money for children in need to
have toys for the Christmas Holiday.

Think of that. A Satanic
themed Death-Metal Band singing for a Christian charity themed event.
But back on the ledge, it seemed like the devil was in charge there.
Looking over the ledge, on the top of this very high roof, the singer
contemplated taking a dive. Dying instead of living a life crying.

Wondering why all this was going on. “What’s this life for?” He asked himself, echoing the lyrics of a Creed
song. He was eventually kicked out of the band as a consequence of his
wild behavior caused by his poor self-control and bad choices with binge

Growing Wings

Well, he survived dropping, maybe even
leaping to his death that night, surviving long enough to begin reading
and studying and investing in his own self-directed education. The
immersion in the new worlds revealed in reading allowed him to soar to
new heights like the “Reading Rainbow” butterfly.

An investment in knowledge always pay the best interest.” –Benjamin Franklin

Yes, that Death Metal singer was me. No secret
there. I caused a lot of trouble, kicked a lot of ass, and got my ass
kicked a lot. But once I began investing in knowledge, investing in
fitness training, investing in personal development, I changed for the
better and always to this day strive to do my best. To create value
rather than to be an evil vampire.

Am I delusional to believe I am successful?
Even though I do not drive an expensive car? Can I actually be
successful, even while I buy all of my clothes from thrift stores,
discount sales or wear hand me downs? Definitely not delusional in the
least bit.

No person who believes in themselves and
their abilities, while sincerely investing in personal development is
delusional. No matter what anyone else says, you are successful as long
as you believe in yourself and persist. This is especially true if you
have designed your life in a certain way in your mind and are now living
that way.

Success is the progressive realization of a worthy ideal.” –Earl Nightingale

A wonderful formula for understanding your
own success and having absolute faith in your ability to create and
share value can be made from the information written so far. First of
all, the answer to the question of delusion is not just a simple “no”.
It is more like I really do not care if others do not find me

Being a Master-Mind means
that other peoples opinions do not really matter when they are not
investing in themselves. You will find that most people who are not
supportive simply do not support themselves. Being stupidly critical of
people who are investing in themselves and are successful, is usually
the behavior of envious, jealous and unsuccessful people.

Life is a precious gift. Our thoughts, mind
and vital energy are precious resources that I believe should be highly
valued. If anyone is spending these infinitely abundant resources on
criticism and jealousy, rather than encouragement or personal
development is wasting resources. My not so humble opinion.

The wonderful formula of success is part
investment in personal development and then directing that progressive
development towards a worthwhile goal. success is the progressive
realization of a worthy ideal based on sincere investment in personal

When you take the time to sincerely dedicate
your “free-time” to personal development instead of submitting to
mediocrity like a defeated MMA Fighter to a rear-naked-choke; you might begin to consider yourself successful. an investment in knowledge is the first part of success.

Moving forward and taking
definite action towards your goals, towards a worthy ideal is the next
step in success. Knowledge and action together begin to form the ultimate equation
for true success. There are probably just as many definitions for
success as there are people who have definitions. Who can say what is
right accept for the self. Maybe one measure of success could be if you
are sincerely content with being happy and healthy.

Would you consider yourself to be successful? Or do you just waste resources?

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