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Exercising Your Mind: Hakeem Alexander Joins The Empowerment Network!

by | on February 24, 2013

Exercising Your Mind:

Hakeem Alexander Joins The Empowerment Network!

My wonderful, beautiful mother always has
some very encouraging words for me. And I will share that in just a few
moments, if you will stay with me as I share with you and light you up
with excitement!

This is seriously another case of “The Law of Attraction in Action
for me. For the longest time I have been searching for a very simple
and easy way to monetize or make money from my writing online.

I have had some of the most interesting,
astronomical, wonderful, synchronistic, coincidental, and straight-up
marvelous meaningful experiences that prove to me that “Thoughts Become Things“.

The thing that I have been searching for was just to get my love of writing in front of a larger audience and then get


This is actually just a very cool, really awesome thing here! That is
why I am more than ever, very excited to share something that I did not create myself.

I have always felt very reluctant and somewhat uncomfortable with
almost every other thing that I have had the opportunity to profit from
except my own creations until NOW.

This is the thing that I wanted to create. Just to set up a program
that provides a platform to share high quality, high value content and


Maybe there is some other program “out there
on the internet that is set up for me to build up a successful business
from doing something that I already really want to do. But I have
searched and not found it until mow. At least not for the STEAL of a price that I got this service for!

I have actually been PAYING FOR MY BLOG HOSTING FOR SEVEN YEARS without an opportunity as simple as the one offered by My Empowerment Network to get paid easily. I can get paid and anyone who joins my team and signs up can too. We can


When I say this is “The Law of Attraction in Action“, I am very certain of this. I mean, for real. A lot of people read my writing
as it is. I am a relentless and shameless, self-promoter when it comes
to my writing, music, martial-arts and whatever else I happen to be
involved with.

Now I can document all of the fun and
adventure that I experience every day and share it, along with the
opportunity to finally be compensated according to “The Law of Mutual Exchange“!

My wonderful, beautiful mother always has some very encouraging words for me. She always has and does. I have a list of FOUR main points that I have carried with me for many years. These are those inspiring words from Mom:

  1. Everything Happens For A Reason
  2. There’s Always Room for Improvement
  3. Do What You Love And The Money Will Follow
  4. What Do You Mean, “CANT”?!

Well, I really LOVE writing. I do it every day. I have all sorts of
high-end, leather bound, hard-cover, designer journals, and the luxury
designer, Cross Pens to write in them with. I am endlessly grateful and fascinated with the good fortune I continually find myself blessed with.

You should join my affiliate team if you absolutely love writing too. We can build a fabulous team, EARN 100% COMMISSIONS
through passively marketing high-quality, online, blogging and
motivational speaking, personal development and marketing training

This is truly awesome! What a fantastic opportunity. I have already been writing, blogging and publishing online for 7-years
and more. Most of the time I have been paying for it. But now there is
an opportunity to earn a return. It is exciting! Very, very exciting.

Join my affiliate marketing team right now. let’s have some good fun
blogging, writing, publishing, learning and earning with this
outstanding opportunity with the Empowerment Network!

Click on the LINKS NOW and JOIN ME so that we can continue to build THE BILLION-DOLLAR MASTER-MIND CLUB!

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