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Re-Write: The Philanthropist

(Exercising Your Mind)

My family runs a successful clothing business that does well enough to afford us a comfortable, or some might say, luxurious lifestyle.

Because of this blessing, I used to be puzzled about why my mother is so generous to all the people around her, while at the same time depriving herself by sometimes eating my left-over food and choosing to dress very simply.

Three years ago, my mother had a truck of goods worth several thousand yuan delivered to a special school for mentally disabled children when my school called on us for a small donation.

Shortly after that, she told me about how she was helped by others when her family fell on hard times during her childhood, and how much she recalls and still feels great appreciation for those people who were kind to her.

From this experience of compassion from others, she learned that it is our responsibility to help people who are in need instead of being selfish and living extravagantly.

Today, as one of the fashion models for my parents’ clothing business, I wish to be as influential as my mother continues to be.

So I will follow in her foot-steps, not only in business, but also through kindness and generosity to this world that I find so beautiful.

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