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Developing English as an Additional Language (DEAL) CERTIFICATION Foundations

  • DEAL – Developing English as an Additional Language.
  • SEAL – Speakers / Students of English as an Additional Language.
  • Also published on HypnoAthletics EYM

(Haiku Science Academy) Part of what constitutes more precise instruction for the video production, and the composition of research papers for the DEAL Certification can be found in the assignment of learning levels.

The English teaching videos (documentaries) may be presented as appropriate for SEAL in one of two levels within the three adopted learning stages, adapted from the following

In the 2017, New Edition of New Concept English, L.G. Alexander notes that a full scale course of English language learning…

“…would resolve itself into three [stages], each of which would consist of two [parts]:

Stage 1: Pre-Elementary level. | Elementary level.

Stage 2: Pre-intermediate level. | Intermediate level.

Stage 3: Pre-advanced level. | Advanced level.

This would amend / update the development for Developing English as an Additional Language (DEAL) Certification requirements with the added instructional details.

Your videos should be hosted online with one of the free platforms such as YouTube. Lesson plans may be in word or pdf document formats. All completed materials to be submitted for examination are to be emailed to

  1. 9 video recordings of the DEAL Certification Candidate teaching English lessons of no less than 45 minutes in length, and no more than 55 minutes.
  2. 9 Lesson Plans and / or scripts in text form to accompany the recorded video lessons.
  3. 9 research papers of no less than 450, and up to 1,000 words on the subjects of listening to English, speaking English, reading English, writing English, Elementary level English students, Intermediate level English students, and Advanced level English students.
  4. 3 signed certificates from Students of English as an Additional Language (SEAL) that you have taught, [may be a student from one of your video lessons?].
  • The teaching videos do not necessarily have to include a student in the production. All that is required is for the DEAL Certification candidate to confidently demonstrate competence in coherently presenting for the allotted time.
  • If a student is present, it is not required for the student to be visible on camera.
  • Presentations may be designated appropriate for each stage such as Pre-intermediate.

The videos must be complete LESSONS. To give you a better understanding of what is acceptable as a lesson, I again refer to the L.G. Alexander, ibid:

A lesson must be precisely what the word implies: an amount of material that can be reasonably covered in a teaching period, possibly with additional material which can be done as homework. In other words, a lesson must be considered as a unit of instruction and no more.

What appears to be developing here, is that one who desires to be taken seriously as an able and competent teacher, will essentially be authoring their own course or mini-course of English language instruction.

Essentially, you could create six individual lessons based on the 2 parts of each of the 3 stages with the accompanying lesson plan requirements. You might use a template like the sample provided as a pdf to use as a guide for your video lessons. Afterwards, you would transcribe you lesson into a more detailed plan.

Lesson plan DEAL.pdf

  • Video 1: Pre-elementary.
  • Video 2: Elementary.
  • Video 3: Pre-intermediate.
  • Video 4: Intermediate.
  • Video 5: Pre-advanced.
  • Video 6: Advanced.

Extrapolating this out further, your work schedule might be organized in the following order

  1. 9 research papers completed on 6-levels, plus 3 additional subjects
  2. Summarize research papers into 9 lesson plan outlines
  3. Use lesson plan outlines to guide video production
  4. Transcribe videos into more detailed lesson plan scripts

In order to lead by example, the next publications on this schedule will include 9 research papers, 9 lesson plans, 9 videos, and 3 signed certificates produced by me.

All of these published works can be used as “cite and apply” content mines for the creation of your own scripts and documentaries to complete the requirements for the Developing English as an Additional Language Certification [DLC]?

As research and development continues and unfolds, updates will be published accordingly.

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