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Speaking Life Into Others: Creating Integrity By Uplifting Others Through A Vision Consistent With Your Voice

Lift Others Up With A Consistent Voice And Vision

A lot of people have been being brainwashed for many years
to believe they should follow authority figures. People follow these
so-called authorities even though experience shows them that they are
following the wrong examples.

You might work a job that you hate and yet still treat your boss better than your family. Spacing out at the office dreading the working days of the week and dreaming of the weekends when you can drown yourself in drunken, self-medicating, misidentified bliss.

You hope and pray for a get-away. Scheming and planning for the 7-days that you can escape on a vacation, only to return to a nightmare. Calling in as many sick days as possible. Doing only as much not to get fired.

keep looking around you at the grass you think is greener somewhere
else. Maybe you think another job will be the answer. Maybe you are even
daring enough to think you can create a successful business. Maybe you are bold enough to believe you an liberate yourself and live a life of our own design.

Only You Know If You Are Ready Or Not

The key question to ask yourself when considering whether or not to make this type of decision is:


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