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Hypnosis Makes More Sales [part-3]


Hypnosis Makes More Sales


Once you get over the limiting idea that using hypnosis is unethical to sell stuff, then you should start learning exactly what hypnosis is.

Hypnosis Makes More Sales

We do not often question why we make the decisions that we make, and usually do not dare to call it hypnosis.

Both those types of hypnosis, and all other forms of hypnosis makes more sales.

Make More Sales

The reason why you should learn about hypnosis, is because this will empower you to be more selective about what you hypnotize yourself with.

Because all hypnosis is self hypnosis.

It is just that we give up a little bit of our freedom when we do not recognize this fact.

Most of the time when we make decisions, we imagine that we came up with the idea and had the desire all on our own.

We imagine that we came up with an original idea, even when we have been straight out sold on something, like going to a certain restaurant.

There is something called the illusion of choice.

We are not really choosing if we are only making decisions based on what is presented to us, without considering if maybe we are missing other available options.

Or maybe we are missing the fact that we can actually create options of our own.

And this is how we make more sales.

We make more sales by realizing that we can actually create options beyond what we thought was available to us because of what we have been sold or told.

The options that are usually presented to us are very limited.

And I am unlimited.

You are unlimited.

There is an unlimited amount of people to sell stuff to when you free yourself from limited thinking and consider the new options that you make available by creating them.

Once you can admit that you have been sold an idea to something like buy stuff, you can then move on to admit that you have been hypnotized by an idea to do something like buy.

And since you now know that you have been hypnotized and sold to buy stuff, you understand that it is OK, because buying stuff is cool.

You like to buy stuff. It feels good to be able to buy stuff, especially when the stuff that you buy is good for you and makes your life better in some way.

Maybe there is even a bonus and the stuff that you buy also makes the lives of other people around you better in some way.

Often times helping other people is the best way to help yourself.

And quite often, the people, maybe like yourself, who like to buy things to make your life, and the lives of other people better, are the best sales-people.

People who like to buy are also the best at selling.

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