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Swimming in Riches? Or Drowning in Debt? You Decide!

Swimming in Riches? Or Drowning in Debt? You Decide!

What Would A Life-Guard Say?

On one of the social networking sites, I posted this photo of a pile of cash with the Question: Are you embarrasses about your desire for money?

Which I then gave the Answer: The only thing that should be embarrassing is NOT having enough money and NOT doing anything about it.

Very shortly after that, a guy posted this exclamation to the photo

“I’m drowning in debt, HELP ME PLEASE!!!

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Swimming in Riches

And this was my response

Then drown and die. Or,

From drowning you can survive and then thrive.

First; no panic.

Second; get your head above water and take a deep breath.

Third; lie back, regain your strength and float as you look up to the sky that you can reach.

Fourth; tread lightly.

And last; learn to swim for the shore.

There you will find beaches of Golden sand and an Acre of Diamonds awaiting you.

What do you want to do?

I Believe In You. 

Believe In YourSelf.


Learn To Swim

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