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Read The Blogs And Empower Your Life

Read The Blogs And Empower Your Life



California Empower Network Team Empires Rising

you so much for putting your trust in me and going on this journey. I
know it is not an easy venture to break away from the norm and make an
attempt to build your own business. I am very proud of you all and
excited for our amazing future as a team!

I have seen so far, you are doing a fantastic job of creating enormous
value while at the same time expressing yourselves. This is quite
outstanding! I have a lot of fun reading your blogs, listening to your
music, and watching your videos.

“Read the blogs and empower your life”. This is a headline on my main site www.HakeemAlexander.com. You do
realize that you can only make a statement like that if you really mean
it? Don’t you? At least if you wish to keep people around for long.

do you feel when you read that? Do you get excited? I do! It is an
opportunity to be empowered and to empower others simply by tuning in,
watching, listening, reading and writing.

my surprise and delight that after seven years of blogging with the
exact intention to empower others, to discover that there is a
multimillion dollar business doing just that?!

have all of the confidence possible that all of you will continue to
succeed. There is a lot of powerful information for personal development
and business building in the training we have here at Empower Network.

continue to follow the 8-Core Commitments. Especially do your best to
blog daily and share your blogs every day. One of the secrets that has
been shared by the leaders who are making between $30,000.00 and
$100,000.00 per month is to strive to help at least two people each day
to have access to this opportunity.

think it is the best perspective to have when you are in this business.
That is to realize that you have been introduced to a vehicle to help
launch your dreams and goals out of imagination and into reality.And
with that, you now have the ability to share this with others who are
searching for a way to make a difference.

could have chosen any vehicle for change but for some reason you chose
this one when it was offered. I know that you will make the best of it
and I will continue to do my best to encourage and support you every
step of the way.

are my business partners, my team and my friends. I love you. I really
do. And I am so thrilled that we are going to sustain our forward
movement to create a beautiful adventure.

are working together for a reason. Everyone has a different goal but we
are all on the same path of doing really amazing things for the better
of all. Let’s keep in mind why we are doing this. Individually, why are
YOU doing this? Collectively why are WE in this thing called EMPOWER

it is, I know that you can make it happen. I know that we can make it
happen. I have all the faith and confidence in you that can possibly be
because my WHY? is so strong I can touch, smell, hear and taste it every
day. It is right here with me all the tie just like you are all in my

I Believe In You.

Believe In YourSelf.

you are reading this and you are not yet a part of my Empower Network
Team, then get instant access to the information by clicking the yellow
button below and entering your best email for the information that may
be just what you’ve been searching for.



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