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Independence: How to Sleep on the Beach and Make Money

How to Sleep on the Beach and Make Money


David Wood can build a business and make thousands of dollars each
month while living homeless with his wife in a van, then I can do this.

If he can do it, I can do it!

David Sharpe can pull himself from off the floor, locked in a bathroom
down to his last hit of drugs and create wealth and independence, then I
can do this.

If he can do it, I can do it!

all of the leaders like Tracey Walker, Tony Rush, Nicole Cooper, Justin
Verrengia, Lawrence Tam, Layla Black, Chris Record and Laura Parrish
can achieve massive success, then I can too.

If they can do it, I can do it!

The Freak Show

those people doing all this? Those crazy outcasts and freaks? They are
no better than me and i can do just as well or better than they are!

course I do not claim to be better than they are either. We are all
just different. Very different. In fact, I am very much a freak and an
outcast in many ways.

I do not walk the often walked path. I do things in my own way quite consistently. I have claimed independence for a long time.

The Money System

But did it make me any money? Nope. Not always.

Sure there have been some days when I have made a thousand dollars or so in one night from different gigs I have had before.

Not too long ago I made about four thousand dollars in just a few weeks.

But it has never been consistent or systematic. I do not mind ups and downs.

just would like to have a system in place that I can count on to
produce consistent results in relation to how I choose to  leverage the

Empower Network is that system. It Saves Time, Energy and Money.

I attracted 10 leads with one e-mail to a list of 200 people and 3 of those 10 became paying members of this system in one day.

is a 30-percent conversion rate. Three out of ten people saw the
enormous value of what Empower Network has to offer and decided to join.

To any serious marketer in the business of direct sales, affiliate marketing or network marketing, a list of 200 is a bad joke.

nobody would laugh at a 30% conversion rate from leads to sales. That
is phenomenal! Especially for me who has studied sales and marketing for
years but never “got it”.

All I did was
follow a system that does all the work for me while I learn those
powerful sales and marketing skills on my own time.

The Inner Circle

I listen to the dozens of informative and inspirational Inner Circle Audios from Empower Network every day that teach me Personal Development, Leadership and Marketing skills.

Network doesn’t get all the credit though. I find success in whatever I
do no matter what. And I have developed persistence and faith because I
believe in myself.

Empower Network is just a vehicle. And it happens to be a vehicle that is absolutely perfect for me.

I get to be around powerful and truly successful leaders just by plugging into a system that works.

system that allows me the time to continue doing as I wish while
learning the valuable skill that are needed to build any business I
could possibly want to build.

I just take
my ego out of the way and apply what I was told will work. I take away
all of the ornamental fanciness and simplify to what is effective.

is what the Inner Circle Membership and training has done for me. It
has allowed me to access, unlock and apply all the years of training I
have accumulated to a system that works.

I Earned 100% Commissions While Sleeping On The Beach!

I have already been blogging for seven years because I wanted to practice my written and spoken communication.

is one of the simplest thing I could do because I really enjoy creative
writing and sharing what I write. I have been doing so at least since
high school with poems.

All the while that i was taking the time to create valuable, interesting and entertaining content I was not getting paid.

I have actually been paying GoDaddy every month for the ability to maintain an online presence.

since I have partnered with Empower Network, I have been earning 100%
Commissions. A few of them came into my account while i was sleeping on
the beach yesterday afternoon.

This is the
way to build a business while having a life. I have always been a “beach
bum” as my mother would affectionately call me because I would enjoy
playing on Far-Rockaway Beach in Queens, New York for hours.

in Southern California, I get to play and sleep and flip out on the
beaches of Venice, Santa Monica, Malibu and others while doing what I

Riding off Into The Sunset

I still have a lot of personal development, leadership and marketing skills to build.

this is no problem because I have accelerated my learning curve so
massively with Empower Network that I can easily predict much more
success that will dwarf anything i know now.

can see it clearly. My vision and my mission surely coming to life. The
seed was planted long ago and now it grows ever powerful. Focused on my
reason why with faith I am rising.

has ever felt so right. So many years I have resisted being part of
someone else’s system because it just didn’t feel right. But this is
exactly what i co-created into existence.

it took seven years of blogging to find a system that allows me to earn
money from the value I have been creating. Beautiful!

Earl Nightingale said “Success is the progressive realization of a
worthy ideal”. Here I continue my progressive realization of my worthy

And the
road is clear. The path ahead has been mapped out and made ready for
travel. and all in one place I can not only bring my dreams into
reality, but I can show others how to do the same.

many people in my family, my real and true friends and many others have
believed in me and encouraged me to believe in myself.

all the distant mentors from the books, audios and videos have allowed
me to stand on their shoulders so that I may see further and project my
vision into reality.

of trying to be right all by myself, I let the ego slip away and stand
united with an army of people who are together with me speaking a
unified vision and voice and bending the universe to our will.

is time to start riding off into the sunset and wake up into our dreams
every single day. There is no other time but right now. There is
nothing better than being part of such a Loving Inner Circle.

I Believe In You.

Believe In YourSelf.





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