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Hypnosis And Nutrition: Food For Thoughtful Dietary Trances

Food For Thoughtful Dietary Trances

Hypnosis And Nutrition

You eat what you think about and you are what you eat.

So this must mean that you are what you think about.

this needs a little bit of clarification. Because there are a lot of
people who are eating themselves into fatness and sickness.

ay be one of them. And please stay calm. Yes the truth does hurt. So
keep that in mind and understand that I am not ridiculing overweight

fact of the matter is that too many folks are eating themselves into a
life of great discomfort and unsatisfactory existence until they die.

am here to discuss why people are literally eating themselves to death
and then redirect your attention to ideas of how to eat to live instead
of living to eat.

Attack Of The Killer Tomatoes

they are of the genetically engineered variety or you have a severe
allergy, I do not see how any tomatoes are going to do you any harm.

Unless of course you use tomatoes in the way that almost any food will kill you: by overeating and binging.

It is really interesting to me that a person can begin as a healthy being and then eat themselves into health oblivion.

Over the course of a few months or a few years of eating in a grossly exaggerated way, a person can become overweight and obese.

is baffling because the situation is obviously unhealthy. You can feel
it in your body getting heavier. You experience the discomfort of being

And yet you can just sit back and continue to let it happen.

I tell you from experience that you can change your life for the better
at any time you wish when it comes to your body weight and health.

same way that you may have become unhealthy or overweight can be
examined to help you regain or achieve a healthy state of life.

Dietary Trances

The simple secret is like a mathematical equation.

You can think of a healthy eating habit as a plus one for life (+1).

You can think of an unhealthy eating habit as a minus one from life (-1).

Since you were born you started with 50 points let’s say. The goal to immortality would be to get to 101 points or higher.

Death of course would be zero and below.

As you can probably calculate, if you get more minuses than you get pluses, you will eventually fall to zero or below and die.

it is entirely possible in the same way to reach optimal health of 100
points and even achieve immortality by going to 101 and beyond.

will discuss the “Chemistry Of Eternity” and the “Immortality Diet” in
another writing soon. For now you can see the mathematical simplicity of
the need to practice healthy eating choices.

Food For Thought

ultimate key to a healthy eating habit is to eat healthy once and then
do it again. Think about the healthy eating choice and then repeat it
again and again.

forms a habit from a single action. Repetition is the mother of all
skill. Repetition is the foundation of practice and is one of the Laws
of Hypnosis.

hypnosis is self-hypnosis. And so all of your habits are the result of
what you have thought over and over again. It is what you repeat.

The thoughts are like seeds that you plant into your garden of suggestion, the subconscious mind.

And so you will reap what you sow. You will eat what you plant. You eat what you think about and you are what you eat.

So what you focus upon is the food for thoughts that you think and your thoughts then become the food that you eat.

Hypnosis And Nutrition

must first come to accept that all of the automatic behaviors that are
your being and personality are driven by the thoughts you think.

These learned behaviors are simply behavior trances that are like computer software that runs your physical body hardware.

you can reprogram and upgrade your software and even your hardware when
you do this. Changing the way that you think will change the way that
you feel and look.

Your personal eating habits can be oversimplified as being one of many software programs that you are running.

you can upgrade anytime you wish. Begin now to make healthy eating your
new practice and habit of repetition. This is the key to hypnosis and

The amazing thing is that the better your eating habits then the better you can think!

This means that when you are adding up those plus ones, you are actually multiplying your chances of experiencing immortality.

do want to feel as great as you possibly can, don’t you? I know that it
certainly a better choice than being imprisoned in an unhealthy state.

your adventure right now and experience the best that this world has to
offer by finding your own truth about the way you think about and
thrive with food.

You are what you eat and so you may as well eat the best and in the best way so that you can be your best.

I Believe In You.

Believe In YourSelf.

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