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All Or Ball Bore: Pronunciation Practice

(Exercising Your Mind) This recording was made for a specific person who speaks Chinese as their 1st language.

However, it will be useful for anyone who is challenged by the pronunciation difficulties presented by the letters “L” and “R”.

Practice speaking these words out loud until you can clearly pronounce them differently.

All – Or

Ball – Bore / Boar

Call – Core

Doll – Door

Fall – Four / For

Gall – Gore

Hall – Whore

Mall – More

Paul / Pall – Poor / Pour

Stall – Store

Tall – Tore / Tour

Wall – Wall

It may be controversial that I used the word “whore”, but it was done to highlight the embarrassing situation that might arise from pronouncing a word incorrectly.

In fact, it was because of me hearing the word “hall” incorrectly pronounced this way by several people that partly inspired its inclusion on this list.

Keep practicing!

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