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DiscMakers’ Facebook Marketing Tips for Your Music Promotion

Facebook Marketing Tips for Your Music Promotion


Part one of our social media for musicians series focuses on how to
make the most of your Facebook band page and music promotion efforts

But when you break it down, no matter how different each social
network is on the surface, they all have to include the same four
foundational elements:

1. Brand (band) image

Brand image is critical to creating a consistent experience for your
music fans across multiple social networking platforms. The best way to
ensure this is to make sure that all of your social networking accounts
have the same look and feel as your music website. In other words, the
color scheme should be the same, your band image should be the same,
your timeline banners and background images should all be similar in

2. Band bio with website link

Your band bio must be on your official website. (If it’s not, go add
it NOW, then come back and continue reading.) This bio, in either a long
(400+ words), medium (100–400 words) or short (up to 100 words) form
should be part of each of your act’s social network profiles. These
social profile bios should all include a link to your website – after
all, you OWN your website, it should be the official hub of your online

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