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Sit, Down, And Stay Command (Balto)


Sit, Down, And Stay Command

My friend Desu Khan aka Anthony, is an expert and very professional Dog Trainer.

And in this very short video, he demonstrates how his amazing skills can be passed on in full to those he coaches.

It is a mark of an excellent teacher when you can elegantly pass on your expertise quickly, easily and efficiently.

I know Anthony and his great passion for life and for sharing these life changing skills with other people who desire and require the skills he has to offer for your Dog Training needs.

This is a fantastic example of his Dog Training services and his Teacher Training Skills as well.

Check out My Apprentice and His Dog Balto.

They have only been training together for 4 weeks and Balto is only 4
Months old.

This video was shot inside a Pet Store, Can your dog even do
this in your house

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