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By Rene Cabrera

Human Species/Race….

Just enjoyed a detailed creative discussion regarding the miss use of the Word “Race” (social construction). Witnessed a growing number of individuals recognizing the term for what it is and is not.

There is only one dominant Carbon Life form with Consciousness and opposable thumbs walking around on this Planet. There is only one Human Species/Race (as far as we know), dominating this Planet’s landscape at the present time. It is called Homo Sapiens.

Despite that hard coded FACT, unfortunately the Social Construction of the word (Race) has become ingrained into our society arguably since 1859.

Biological arguments for “racism” no doubt existed and were probably common in some circles more than others before 1859, but they increased exponentially following the acceptance of the evolutionary theory as it was presented with a specific piece regarding Negroid, Mongoloid, etc.

Without getting too much into Charles Darwins “The Preservation of Favored Races in the Struggle for Life,” it was after this point in our history when the terminology of social construction of “Race” arguably began as we see it today.

Many began thinking in terms of the different people groups around the world representing different “races,” but within the context of evolutionary philosophy.

These misconceptions, of social creation, has given birth for many over the years, consciously or unconsciously, ingrained prejudices against certain other groups of people.

It has even meta-morphed into believing, for many, that if you believe and/or ascribe to a religion that it somehow now makes you into a different species a subspecies (your own race).

All human beings in the world today are classified as Homo sapiens. The correct scientific assignation for our Human race, for humanity in its entirety.

A paradigm shift is needed in this regard. Because what most are unaware is that these social constructions began out of the adverse self-absorbed need to separate oneself from the likes of Native aboriginals in Australia or America or Africa etc.

Arguably it was established from the need to say some “groups” evolved further than others and so the original philosophy goes. A philosophy that desperately attempted to tie its p.o.v. to hard science that did not truly exist.

To use this term is to credit this origination. To credit the assigned meaning that was given to how we may look. To credit a variation of social design not genetic and certainly not scientific. I arguably hold, that to continue to use this term as is, is to continue to perpetuate a certain ignorance.

There is no variation of races/species within Homo Sapiens, there is variation of biology. The social construction term of “Race” needs to go the way of the VHS tapes and dinosaurs with the speed all would want to get rid of a virus. It is inaccurate as it is disingenuous.

“The Biology of Human Variation,” however is a scientifically based quantifiable and sustainable representation of the differences that exist within the species that we call our own. It is based on genetic science and includes the historical imprint of our genetic code.

I know this may offend some. Come as a surprise to others. But the purpose is to challenge the paradigm to think differently.

I keep seeing discussions and arguments about race this and that because of shootings or socio-economic status while utilizing growing terms to substantiate that we are so different in the very manner we are most alike.

The ignorance gets to be irritating.

So, instead of complaining, I offer two cents in the hopes to spur creative thought to change the disingenuous term and inspire more homogeneous discussions.

We have different ethnicities and cultures, NOT racial groups.

We have genetic adaptations that manifest at times in physical form whether in height, muscle growth style, pigmentation of skin, type of eye formation and hair (as examples).

These adaptations are not markers of race/species but effects resulting from stimuli whether from food, solar exposure, elevation, topography, geographic location exposure, etc. The term “Race” and its social construction is erroneous and disingenuous.

We are one species with the capacity to be even greater.

To evolve beyond what any book can limit us to. In today’s reality, one can confidently argue that Socio-economic status (wealth inequality) separates us to greater levels of stratification than any genetic adaptation known….

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Rene Cabrera holds a Bachelor of Science from Vanderbilt University. He is an accomplished Martial Artist who has trained with notable Professional Fighters such as RaymondThe Real DealDaniels, and controversial celebrities such as Jose Canseco. Rene is a partner at Hyphen Studios, a Multi-Cultural Marketing, Production, and Advertising Studio Company. Learn more at

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