The Humerus

The Humerus

The humerus is a long bone in the arm that runs from the shoulder to the elbow. On a skeleton, it fits between the scapula, the radius and ulna.

Humerus fractures are generally divided into three types of injuries:

Proximal humerus fractures occur near the shoulder joint. These fractures may involve the insertion of the important rotator cuff tendons.

Mid-shaft humerus fractures occur away from the shoulder and elbow joints. Most humeral shaft fractures will heal without surgery. These injuries are commonly associated with injury to the radial nerve of the arm. Injury to this nerve may cause symptoms in the wrist or hand.

Distal humerus fractures occur near the elbow joint and are uncommon in adults. These fractures most often require surgical treatment unless the bones are held in proper position. This type of fracture is much more common in children, due to the fact that their bones are relatively soft

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