CPR Adult 3

CPR Adult

Flash Card 3

Kneel down at the victim’s side, and try to get the victim to respond by tapping on him and shouting his name. This will help eliminate the possibility that the victim is simply sleeping. Try to notice the coloration of the victim’s face or lips as well, because someone who is not breathing will look different than someone who is simply sleeping.

“Are you O.K.?”

CPR Fact

One of the most important parts of CPR is compressions. When you give compressions, you pump blood to the brain and heart. You will learn more about where compressions fit in the sequence of CPR later.

* Push hard and push fast.

* Push at a rate of 100 times a minute.

* After each compression, release pressure on the chest to let it come back to its normal position.

CPR Terminology

Alveoli: Tiny, terminal air sacs in the lungs where gases are exchanged in respiration.

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