HA, UniquilibriuM

Round-2 – Black Eye? Do YOU Have a Glass Jaw? Say Hello to the C.H.A.M.P.

[Following the “Pattern Interrupt” here is an example of
“Give Content” and “Call to Action”]


[pauses. takes out mouth-piece]
I say HELLO!
    Yesterday, after we squared-of / on-guard, I delivered a
< TO = YOUR >

Actually, it was more like a !*SUCKER_PUNCH*!

But at least  didn’t kick you while you were down!
You may have a chance to get me back though.
I teach Self-Defense you know.
And you could learn a thing or two (2) from me.
Maybe you should start by reading my essay
KappaGuerra: Powerful Capoeira Techniques for MMA-Champions
Here’s the link!
This is a UniquilibriuM (unique + equilibrium) style taught by the original
Certified HypnoAthletics Master Practitioner (C.H.A.M.P.)!
Yes, you’re right that’s me! Now settle down for a moment please.
You Are Probably Wondering…
since I allowed my e-mail newsletter to fall by the way-side and slip
away for a bit, I figured a good ‘ol jolt to reacquaint or newly
introduce you to my BRAND –
HypnoAthletics: Exercising Your Mind

So now that you have certainly been reminded of or have been familiarized with my
dry and questionable sense of humor” as it is known at The Palace. Tee hee. You are undoubtedly ready for my unique style of delivering the latest personal development narratives from the
Healthy-Living and Self-Defense Industry
Action + Bliss + Confidence
Reveal Command & Enjoy!
You must
Enter the Master-Mind Initiation
to understand
The Billion-Dollar HypnoAthletics Experience!
Of course, IF you listened to the KarmaCaffe Spiritual Hour on BlogTalk Radio, Wednesday January 23rd, (yes that’s 123
and / or read the essay
Cultivating the Garden of Suggestion
You would remember that it is my belief that
Optimal Health
is the
Truest of ALL Wealth.
is DIVINE BEING. Don’t have a Billion-Dollars? Well, you can certainly
feel like a billion bucks by experiencing abundant happiness and health!
Stay tuned (you can take off the gloves and put your guard down now)
Maybe I will explore with you a little more about
The New Science of Hypnotically Inducing Cellular Pluripotiality

Or maybe not. Maybe that is a bit TOO geeky! Who knows?
Will you be the next
Master-Mind Initiate?
A Co-Creator of
The Billion-Dollar Experience?
Remember, there is lots to read and explore on my BLOG site
comment, question and challenge. And if you or someone you know would
like to submit any of your own original content for publication, I will
review it to see if it may be deemed worthy of
The Billion-Dollar Master-Mind Syndicate
Welcome to the fold.
-H A-
Hakeem Alexander
(001) 818 430-5441
Healthy Living & Self-Defense
The Billion-Dollar Master Mind Alliance
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protected by legal privilege. If you are not the intended recipient, be
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it to the sender at Hakeem@HypnoAthletics.com and delete this copy from your system.

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