AfterMath of Russian Meteor Beware Next Impact Over North America

Hakeem Alexander

(Exercising Your Mind) Chelyabinsk was the most recent meteor explosion
that has impacted Russia. Many people may know of the meteor that struck
105 years ago on June 1908. This 1908 explosion happened in a Russian
town called Tunguska.

The difference in the two explosions is that even though the earlier
one in 1908 was reportedly much more powerful, no one was injured.
However, the most recent one this year 2013 has resulted in about
one-thousand two-hundred people being hurt.

A lot of people have raised some conspiracy theories about the first
meteor explosion in 1908. According to these conspiracy theorists, that
Tunguska explosion was caused by the crash of a highly advanced
extra-terrestrial flying vehicle piloted by intelligent, non-human

There were even some other interesting speculations that claimed the
explosion was caused by anything from a small black-hole passing through
the Earth, a natural Hydrogen-Bomb caused by “heavy-hydrogen or
deuterium from a nearby comet being flung into the atmosphere, a natural
gas explosion that was released from the Earth itself and even a comet
bouncing off the Earth’s atmosphere!

Whatever the cause of these massive events that have had these
alarming impacts on the Earth, I have always found the happenings to be
quite useful for inspiring education.

“With his mouth the Godless destroy his neighbor, but through knowledge the righteous escape.” -Proverbs 11:9

The United States education system has been criticized for becoming
very bad in the many recent years. It seems that every other country and
nation in the world, including Russia, are far surpassing American

The next impact over North America may be an educational explosion,
just as if a meteor had exploded over the atmosphere. According to Ben
Carson, M.D. this poor education is very dangerous because our system of
government was designed for an educated and informed population. The
population becomes more vulnerable when they are less informed. I
strongly agree.

Education is one of the most liberating processes that a human being
can experience when it is progressively guided and applied for the good
of all who are effected by actions based on the learned information.

In the case of anything having to do with natural science and
astronomy like these meteor impacts and explosions, the news of these
events may motivate people to learn more about science in order to
speculate about the possible causes.

I have always found conspiracy theories and natural disasters very
personally motivating for further education in the sciences when I may
not have before taken any interest at all.

“…when you educate a man, you liberate a man.” -Dr. Ben Carson

Now it has gotten to the point where not a single day goes by that I
am not eager to learn some new and exciting information about physics,
mathematics, chemistry, biology, psychology and spirituality. And this
is all because of alternative motivations for the interest in these
subjects that are often very far removed from the standard educational

Whether it is the potential threat of an alien-invasion from outer
space, an international secret society conspiracy theory, the discovery
of a new Earth-like planet, or the landing of a space-craft on Mars; I
am optimistic that all of these things can positively benefit education.

It is certain that more education of the sciences is definitely
needed these days. It is very possible to obtain this education even
more so today than ever with the current and emerging technology. One of
the ways to help this along the way is to encourage people to steer
through all of the distractions and to realize what may be really
important in the long run.

The problem of the education explosion and the negative impact that
it may have is much more dangerous than a meteor can be. The remedy to
this problem may be to focus on solutions rather than the problem

Maybe the motivation may come from the solution to a quadratic
equation that proves to be the solution to a meteor-deflection device
that may save the Earth and all of its life from a much more massive
object from the outer regions of space.

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