The Royal Truth of the ILLUMINATI

Hakeem Alexander

(Exercising Your Mind) You might be a conspiracy theorist if…

you are reading this; you read anything with the word illuminati in it; you think that all Masons or FreeMasons are EVIL!

You might be a conspiracy theorist if…

you believe in covert government plots; secret-societies and banks run the world; you think all corporations are EVIL!

Well,  am not here to confirm or deny, agree or argue with you on all of that conspiracy theory stuff. But I will tell you the


is actually a very simple truth and maybe not as sexy and mysterious as
you may have hoped. But then again maybe it is. To me it is actually a
very depressing truth if I was one to allow myself to be depressed. I am
not one to be depressed by the way, at least not for long.

The truth about the IlluminatI is simply in the translation of the word. Just as in the translation of the word and name LUCIFER.

It is also found in the translation of the word HELL and SOUL.

This is a Billion-Dollar Master-Mind Initiation.
If you choose to accept and understand these things you will liberate
yourself from a lot of stress, fear, worry and grief. You will allow
yourself to be calm, love, relax and be content.

The word IlluminatI simply translates to “One Who Is Illumined“, or “One Who Is Enlightened“. Just as the word Lucifer translates to “Fire-Light”, Hell comes from the Greek word HELIOS for “SUN” as does the word SOUL translates to SUN from the Latin word SOL.


It is simply this. One who does not have knowledge is “In The Dark”. One who does have knowledge is ENLIGHTENED. If you wish to reclaim your soul, then you are simply to EDUCATE YOURSELF.

You have certainly already noticed that the title of this piece is


and I highlighted the identical phrase above


This is because the translation of the word REAL is ROYAL. Therefore, when you are enlightened about REALITY then you join the ranks of ROYALTY and may thus live in the palace of your dreams.

fact of the matter is this. If you are allowing yourself to be
controlled by circumstances around you, by the things that other people
say. If you are allowing yourself to be controlled by addictions to
drugs, addictions to alcohol, food, unhealthy-habits and foul moods;
then you are truly a peasant and a SLAVE.

are today living in the so-called “Information-Age”. But what so many
people fail to realize is that any information that causes you to be
stuck in a life that feels hopeless to you and without a way to be free,
then you are living off of MISINFORMATION.

misinformation leaves you as one without knowledge and in the dark of
the dungeon of life just like a peasant and a slave. You see, this whole
illuminati business is an idea. It is a self-imposed liberation or a
self-limiting prison.

there is any “secret-society”, then it is only a secret from anyone who
is not experiencing abundant spiritual happiness and health. Because
“Optimal Health is the Truest of All Wealth”, when you take control of
your health by choice, you are then enlightened. You are then IlluminatI.

You are then Royalty by choice and having the experience of a Billion-Dollar Master-Mind. Through royalization, realization and choice you can rise up out of the darkness into the light of wisdom.

can, through Love, Understanding, Compassion and Kindness to yourself
and others, lift yourself up out of the gloom of the tomb of fear and
powerlessness into the LIGHT OF THE SUN.

You can come into the understanding that the only true evil is to have FREE-WILL
and use it to barely survive instead of thrive. The liberation of your
soul, your sunlight within, is to have understanding. Of course too much
Helios or Sun can burn you, and then you might feel like you are in
Hell. This is simply a misuse of our GOOD-GIVEN, GOD-GIVEN, FREE-WILL.

your Soul to rise. Allow your Sun to rise. Let the light shine bright
instead of hiding in the dark. It is possible to use information and
knowledge to create desired experiences instead of being controlled by

is having knowledge of your inner-flame and allowing yourself to be
burned by it instead of letting it light your way. Evil is burning other
people with your fire instead of being a guiding light. Good and Evil
are simply different uses of one UNIVERSAL POWER.

The Universal Power is the understanding that we are parts of a whole INFINITE INTELLIGENCE that lives and fills all of existence. The Devil is just our projection of that which is limited and Evil. GOD is just that which is ETERNAL, unlimited, and truly GOOD for all. GOD or GOOD is allowing your light to shine instead of burn.

We all have the choice to be slaves or to live as Royalty in Reality. The reality is that we are all beings of ETERNAL LIGHT. When we begin to live in the Light of Love, Understanding, Compassion and Kindness – we become ILLUMINED.

Optimal Health is the Truest of All Wealth.

The Wealth of Royalty. The Riches of Reality.

we are in this light of understanding we can consciously create an
experience for ourselves and others filled with happiness and health.

When we are healthy and illumined, we are living in the


this is the


Originally Published on Hakeem Alexander’s Empowerment Network


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