Hakeem Alexander: Personal Core Capacities Index(tm) Results

Dear Hakeem,


Thank you for taking the Core Capacities IndexTM
(CCI). The CCI is based on a validated and proprietary assessment
protocol that paints an accurate picture of a person’s Core Capacities.
Core Capacities are the unique ‘recipe’ of organic talents that make up
each of us.


Conventionalpersonality or behavioral assessments attempt to capture a person’s
behavioral patterns or surface traits. A person’s surface traits will
vary greatly depending on age, environment, interests, and other
factors. Core Capacities are different. They tend to be stable,
unchanging factors that reside below a person’s surface traits.

It is important for you to understand your Core Capacities if you want to
flourish in the day-to-day work that you do. New research has
demonstrated a strong connection between a person’s unique recipe of
Core Capacities and the tasks they perform on the job. If a person’s
Core Capacities are aligned with the tasks they are performing, there is
a high propensity for vital engagement and top performance.

Your Personal Core Capacities IndexTM Results


To describe your unique recipe of Core Capacities, we use a set of four
metaphors that correspond to the following foundational Core Capacities:

Builder: Power

Merchant: Inspiration


Innovator: Wisdom

Banker: Knowledge


These metaphors serve as a language to help us describe the characteristics
of each Core Capacity. Arranged in a quadrant configuration, the scores
in each quadrant give you a quick ‘snapshot’ of your Core Capacities:


Your Personal Core Capacities IndexTM Snapshot


Your scores indicate you have Innovator/Builder tendencies.

Your Innovator capacities are balanced by your Builder
secondary capacity set. Your actions are routinely, almost equally,
guided by these two capacity sets. In times of distress you will usually
rely on the conflict strategies of your dominant capacity set. In less
critical conflicts you may use either strategy given the situation.

Your unique dominant Innovator Capacity Set causes you to rely on the following strategies for success and fulfillment:


Your cornerstone core capacity is Wisdom. Understanding and compassion are central to your life strategy.

Understanding others and working with them is a key asset of yours. You see and
understand the relative worth of people and things. People see your
ingenuity and resourcefulness. You pride yourself in seeing and
understanding people and situations. You strive to cause people and
things to function well together. Your willingness to see things through
and wait things out is a primary asset. You like to communicate with
visuals and descriptions.

To invent new systems, processes and
things is pure pleasure. People look to you for the creation and
improvement of work flow and procedures. You enjoy helping people and
things work well and consistently together. You never quit. Finding the
best solution is one of your primary contributions. It is important for
you to watch, look and listen before you act. Exploration of new and
better approaches keeps you interested.

You like to consider all the options. Your tastes are varied and diverse. Rapid and clever
exchange of ideas is a personal joy and a method of work for you. You
are able to see the ways things are, and you know what to do about it.
You like to lead through presentation of intelligent alternatives. You
are seen as a valuable resource for leading people toward the right
ideas and the right direction. Acting foolishly or illogically is not a
common experience for you.

You use everything that is available to meet requirements.


Your unique secondary Builder Capacity Set supports your dominant Innovator Capacity Set.

Your cornerstone core capacity is Power, the application of pure energy for
Good. This primary driver is supported by a strong faith in your own
ability to know what to do, your faith that your actions are for the
Good, and your faith that once you create change, you will know what to
do next.

Accomplishing tasks now is a primary drive for you. You are driven to get things
done. You act as soon as you know what to do. People around you know
that you are generally on task. It is important for you to be
self-sufficient, without boundaries. Giving directives comes naturally
to you. Your deep desire is to exert personal energy to make a positive

Things go best for you when you have responsibility
for results. Starting new projects and ventures makes you happy. You
like to set things in motion. You make up your mind quickly and
intuitively. If you can, you deal with things one at a time. You only
work on things or projects that have real value. You want the things you
do to make a tangible difference.

You like to put things and people to work. Knowing the cost and the gain for all actions is
important to you. You are not afraid to bring things to an end; When
you’re done, you’re done. It is important for you to show good results
for invested energy. There are few situations in which you feel


Your third level Merchant Capacity Set gives you the ability to respond appropriately to a broad spectrum of situations.

Your cornerstone core capacity is Inspiration. You are committed to giving
and receiving inspiration in all its forms. You are constantly working
to know and understand the truth about yourself and others.

Your Merchant capacities are strong enough to bring balance into your life.
Learning to shift your strategy to this capacity set in times of high
opportunity or during conflicts will contribute significantly to your

Talking with others is your way to learn and to teach. You have the ability to
help people feel hopeful and courageous. You enjoy lots of different
people and activities. Motivating others with your visions and ideas is
very satisfying. You like a new charge in your life and you like to be
the charge in the lives of others. Making presentations puts zest in
your life. Feeling a sense of togetherness with people gives you

You like to work and others enjoy working with you. A
core strategy for you is to work effectively with others. Nothing feels
right when the people you value are distant or are in conflict. No
potential plan, idea or possibility gets by you. You want to receive
good rewards and appreciation for time and energy spent. You have a
natural enthusiasm and like to be in situations that are fully engaging
and energized. Absolute proof, knowledge and understanding are not
required in order for you to act.

Your commitment to others and to your own life is an encouragement to others. It is important for you
to see people and things as they really are.


Your fourth level Banker Capacity Set gives you the opportunity to live a balanced and successful life.

You do not rely significantly on Banker capacities to create success.

You like to be the one who knows; being right and being able to prove it is
important to you. You strive for exacting control of action and words.
Zero wasted motion, zero wasted resources, zero wasted effort; This is
what you strive for. You like to provide others with proven ideas and
methodology. Effective decisions are supported by analysis of
similarities and differences. You care deeply when situations or the
behaviors of people are unfair, or when your knowledge is used
incorrectly by others. An appropriate request from you should be all
that is required.

You enjoy being the source of information and
proven methodology. Once started, you don’t give up easily. When things
get messy, you may get testy. The reliability of your words and actions
is critical to your sense of self respect. You work diligently to gather
resources together and save them. You do what you say you will do. You
like to follow a prescribed course, especially when you are involved
with setting the course.

Having the right information is important to you.


Your Personal Core Capacities IndexTM Scores


For decades, quadrant-based systems have been used by psychologists in an
attempt to generally categorize or ‘box’ people into groups with rigid
boundaries. Unfortunately, this doesn’t work — human beings are too
complex. Quantifying a person as a ‘Builder’ or even a
‘Builder-Merchant’ does not provide enough information. A more granular
scoring system is necessary in order to provide meaningful results.

The CCI scoring system is based upon a scale in each quadrant that ranges
from 0 to 36. The score in each quadrant indicates a relative strength
of that Core Capacity compared to the other quadrants. Generally, a
person is strongly inclined toward one Core Capacity strategy with a
second Core Capacity strategy also being a very important part of their
make-up. But, the balance of the scores is very important and has a
compelling effect on how you will engage tasks in your day-to-day work.
Your CCI scores are:


Builder Merchant Innovator Banker
19 16 22 15


The balance of your CCI scores describes a unique strategy you naturally
have for both success and conflict. It is not possible to act in
alignment with more than one capacity set at a time. Most people
routinely switch between their dominant and secondary strategies
unconsciously. Learning to be conscious about this switch between Core
Capacity strategies provides greater social dexterity and leads to
greater success. Learning to switch to the strategies driven by your
Tertiary and Minor Capacity sets can create dramatic improvements in
your life.

Your Personal Core Capacities IndexTM Type Scores


While the Core Capacity scores are important, an additional level of insight
can be gained by considering how the Core Capacities work in combination
with each other. These combinations are called Core Capacities Types.
The Core Capacities Type scoring system is based upon a scale in each of
six categories that ranges from 0 to 72. The score in each category
indicates a relative strength of that Core Capacity Type compared to the
other Types. Your Core Capacities Type scores are:

Intuitive Cognitive Creative Practical Community Independent
35 37 38 34 31 41


The Core Capacities Type scores are derived from a unique combination of
two of the Core Capacities. Typically, a person will find themselves
described mostly in the dominant/secondary Core Capacities Type, but
some of the qualities will be found in the other Types as well. Again,
the balance of the scores is very important and has a compelling affect
on how you will engage tasks in your day-to-day work.

Will You Flourish in Our Company?

Prudential California Realty would like to thank you for taking the time to complete the Core Capacities IndexTM
evaluation. The CCI has helped thousands of people clarify their
direction and create better alignment between their unique Core
Capacities and their work.


As stated on the website, your confidential results will now be sent to a
senior manager at Prudential California Realty for evaluation. Each
manager has been given extensive training in interpreting CCI results.
With the assistance of a proprietary pattern matching algorithm, the
manager will build a correlation between your personal CCI scores and
those typical of the top performing real estate agents at Prudential
California Realty.

If your CCI scores are a close match to the CCI scores of our top
performing agents, then one of our managers will be in touch with you

If your scores are not a close match, then there is a high probability
that you would not enjoy or find vital engagement in the work a real
agent does at Prudential California Realty. This does not mean that the
real estate industry (in general) is not for you – it just means that
you would likely be at odds with the tasks that the agents at Prudential
California Realty perform on a regular basis to be successful. To
provide more insight on this subject, we’ve linked a document that outlines some of the details concerning what Prudential California Realty has learned about their top performing agents.

If you have any questions concerning this issue, you may contact our recruiting group:

Prudential California Realty
Shelley Gibson

Thanks again for taking the time to complete the Core Capacities IndexTM
evaluation and we wish you the best success in your career. If we don’t
have the privilege of working with you in future, we do hope to have
the opportunity to serve you as a customer when you have the need for
real estate services.


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