Personal Core Capacities of Top Performers

Mr. Hakeem Alexander,

you for your interest in considering a career in real estate. I
received notice that you completed the Core Capacities Index (CCI), and I
have personally reviewed your results.

Taking the CCI is a great way to see if this type of career change is right for you. You’re Unique! When
we mapped your personal core capacities they matched the core
capacities of our Top Performing Agents, who make greater than $100,000
per year, and flourish in their day-to-day work. The mapping techniques
we used are more than 95% reliable.

your personal core capacities are very similar to our top performing
agents, I would like to speak to you briefly by phone to discuss whether
becoming a real estate agent is right for you.

a next step, I’ll give you a call. If you have further questions before
then, my contact information is listed below. If there is a time and
certain number where you would like to be contacted, please let me know.




Jeanette Fouse

Prudential Realty Recruitment

Phone: (714)-480-0777

Direct Line: (714)-667-2013

Fax: (714)-480-0770


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