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Hypnosis Makes More Sales

Hypnosis Makes More Sales 

The people and the organizations that make the most sales are the most hypnotic.

They have figured out a way to have people buying their stuff, even when we think that we are looking for something that we want or need, and think we have not been sold.

Whenever you buy something you have been sold.

Even if you are hungry and go into that convenience store to buy something quick because there is no other place to satisfy your  hunger for many kilometers around.

Because that place is there, and you bought something from them, you were sold.

You were sold on the idea that you must eat right then, and this place is the most convenient.

Did you know that anytime you are convinced or really want to do something, that you have actually been hypnotized to do it?

One reason is that all hypnosis is self-hypnosis.

When you allow something to become part of your conscious being, whether it comes from an idea you created originally from your own mind or from outside, this is hypnosis.

Sometimes we do not realize what is happening and don’t even think about it.

We do not often question why we make the decisions that we make, and usually do not dare to call it hypnosis.

Mostly because almost no one really knows what hypnosis is.

Hypnosis is just learning stuff.

And learning something usually means that we are convinced that the stuff we learned is true and exists as a possibility in our world.

The more we believe that something is real and has existence as a possibility, the more likely we are to act on that stuff that we have learned and know.

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