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Hypnosis Makes More Sales [part-2]


Hypnosis Makes More Sales


If anyone tells you that using hypnosis to sell stuff is unethical, they are either really dumb, or attempting to stop you from learning what hypnosis is because they use it to sell stuff.

Hypnosis Makes More Sales [part-1]

Selling ideas, selling you on trusting them, selling services or products.

Everything is sold.

But not everything that is sold is sold for money.

Some people really do not know how hypnotic they are.

Because most people do not know what hypnosis is, and would not dare call their influential status something as radical as hypnosis.

People are afraid of hypnosis because they do not know it is the law of our minds.

A lot of people who do know what it is make it weird on purpose or just because they are stupid and weird in a way that is not cool or good.

When I say people are dumb or stupid, I am not putting them down.

I am stating a fact as I see their state of mind regarding this particular subject of hypnosis.

You and I are smart and intelligent with some stuff but dumb and stupid with others.

Some people are dumb and stupid with hypnosis.

People who are dumb and stupid with hypnosis spread it around and make other people scared of, confused about, and unwilling to learn what hypnosis is.

Other times, people who are not dumb and stupid with hypnosis, allow the fear, confusion, and indifference to keep going so that they can use it to blindly sell you their stuff.

Whatever that stuff may be.

Mostly it is stuff they are selling for personal gain only. This could be for sex, drugs, rock and roll, money, power and fame.

Being hypnotized is not always a bad thing.

There is Destructive Hypnosis and Constructive Hypnosis.

Both those types of hypnosis, and all other forms of hypnosis makes more sales.

You should always be aware of what you are being sold.

But most important of all, you should learn about what hypnosis is.

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