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The Magic Mountains in the Land of Dreams

Looking For And Finding Beauty In The World

Your world is a magnificent land of dreams, filled with magical mountains! Every morning that you wake up with gratitude, love and joy,
this is what your world experience will be. This is in fact what the
world experience is, if only you would accept it this way.


It is really interesting and very powerful that my attitude definitely filters my experience. I am very fortunate to live
in the place that I do. My surrounding in California are very
spectacular. Not only is the city glamorized in many places, but the
Pacific Coast is a naturally beautiful environment.

You will probably notice that if you are not in a very good mood, it is somewhat difficult to focus on the wonderful scenery all around you. No matter where you live, there is always a sunshine. There is a beautiful sky filled with birds and bugs.

is a very true and real experience of mine that all of the states of
mind that I experience can be exercised to greater strength. Any state
of mind or mode of perception can be cultivated like a fertile garden to grow whatever is given most thought and attention.

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