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The Liberation Of Network Marketing In A Slave World

In A Slave World

The Liberation Of Network Marketing

My Assessment Of This Business Is Bent In Favor Of It,

Because I Love My Life As A Network Marketer

– Hakeem A.B. Alexander


You can put a sober and well meaning driver behind the wheel of a car and get from one location with great confidence in safety to the next location.

The same car with a very drunk and bad meaning driver behind the wheel of a car may kill a few people along the way, destroy the car, and may even kill themselves.

There are so many different outcomes that you can have with any particular vehicle, depending on who is driving it, what their intentions are, and their state of mind.

In business, different people can start companies with just as many different intentions, states of mind, and depending on how good they are at driving, get many different results.

Multi-Level Marketing or Network Marketing Companies are just like these examples.

I know of several different companies that were started with the great intentions to serve a specific need that they found not being met in the world.

I know most of the  companies were started with good intentions to change the lives of many people to be better while making money.

Of course, there can be some greedy people with bad intentions who start companies too.

They can contribute to bad ideas about Network Marketing and Multi-Level Marketing.

But this is no different than anything, any person, or group in our world.

There is good, bad, ugly and all kinds of stuff in all things depending on who is running the show, and who they allow to get control of things.

A Slave World

If compelling people by physical force to do things for you reduces them to slavery, compelling them by mental means accomplishes the same thing; the only difference is in methods.”

Wallace D. Wattles

Unfortunately, most of us have been slaves, and many remain enslaved in our world today. People hate to wake up in the mornings on Monday because they have to go to work.And they really feel like they have to.Their lives depend on it.

If they do not work, they will have no money to pay for food, clothing, and shelter for themselves.

And if they have a family, then the family goes hungry, naked, and exposed too.

So people do things that they hate just to live. Like slaves. As if the way that the system is set up is right or just. It is not.

Life is not fair.

But they do not do anything about this slavery except complain while still falling in line at the crack of the whip of uncertainty and fear.

And if you challenge them on this idea, they will defend their institution of slavery as if it were serving them and doing good by them.

Like Stockholm Syndrome. Sympathizing with their captors.

Because it is in their familiar zone. No matter how wrong, unjust, or uncomfortable it is.

Multi Level Marketing? SCAM they say.

Network Marketing? Pyramid Scheme they say.

All while being held in the chains of the very captivity that allow themselves to suffer in, only because it is all they have known, and do not question why it feels so wrong.

Of course not all jobs and company structures are enslavement.

There are common practices in Network Marketing and Multi-Level Marketing that are also slave models. Having people running around ragged trying to win in a losing scheme.

But this is all part of some kind of evil plan.

There actually is a real freedom. A true liberation. We only have to look.

Network Marketing

If the workers of America chose to do so, they could follow the example of their brothers in Belgium and other countries, and establish great department stores and cooperative industries; they could elect men of their own class to office, and pass laws favoring the development of such cooperative industries; and in a few years they could take peaceable possession of the industrial field

Wallace D. Wattles

As I understand it, from being dedicated to building a network marketing business, and from researching others, there is a better way to do business and live life than the common.

The basic idea of Multi Level Marketing and Network Marketing, is for consumers who use products and services to be able to share their positive experiences with others.It takes out the need for huge advertising budgets.

If somebody likes using a certain soap, they can tell their friends.

Their friends can get the soap from them, and the person who referred the soap gets their soap at a lower price, or gets some money for the referral to spend as they wish.

They can buy more soap or whatever they want.

And if they want to build a business telling a lot of people about the soap, they can get a lot of free soap or earn a lot of money through their network of friends, and friends of friends.

It is simple.

Imagine if you got movie tickets for half the price, or even got free movies and some extra money for popcorn and others stuff just for telling people about the movie you saw.

This makes a lot of sense to do business, and to live this way for a lot of people.

An independent economy can be created by people helping other people to get the stuff that they want and need, without all the extra expense of advertising and distribution budgets.

All the while, they will still be partly in bondage, paying taxes to their respective governments who will probably use the money to kill people with wars.

The Liberation

Individuals may enter upon the Certain Way at any time, and under any government, and make themselves rich; and when any considerable number of individuals do so under any government, they will cause the system to be so modified as to open the way for others.

– Wallace D. Wattles

Not very many people fully understand network marketing. I must admit that I do not fully understand it. This is my work in progress as I progress.

This even goes for people in Network Marketing or Multi-Level Marketing.They do not bother to actually take the business seriously (even if they say they do), especially if the entry cost is low or free.

And then go about ignorantly and foolishly promoting their so-called business with no foundation of what is going on.

I did share with you that I myself do not fully understand the business. But there is a critical difference. I have done my homework.

So my incomplete understanding may have a bit of an advantage over someone the incomplete understanding of someone else in the same business.

Because I know that I do not know, and I do not pretend that I know.

If you and I were in a class taking a test that had one-hundred questions, you and and I could both get a score of 85-percent correct.

But we may have arrived at that grade by answering at least 15 of those questions differently as wrong answers.

You may get question 9, 18, 27, 36, 45, and  ten others incorrectly, while I answered, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, and ten others incorrectly to arrive at the same score or grade.

But the difference would be in how critical those wrong answers were.

Even though our score is the same on the surface, the reality is that we may have a completely different understanding of the subject because of where we placed our focus in study.

And my understanding is that Network Marketing is really a system of liberation from slavery.

It invites the participant to find a way out of the bondage that has become an institution in our world. The institution of mental and material slavery.

We were not born free, and have to be true to how we really feel instead of falling in line so that we uncover the truth of our condition, and then take steps to change it.

This is the problem and the beautiful solution that is Network Marketing.

It is a problem in that it takes hard work, dedication, skill, and effort to build a business using this model.

And this goes against the spirit of the times, and feels very offensive to a lot of people. Especially since a lot of the systems in this business turn out to be just another form of slavery.

Fortunately, the beautiful solution is that this type of business is here to stay, and it is evolving because of this.

Many more efficient and liberating models are being used, and a lot of people are figuring out how to free themselves from the slave system by using a system of liberation.

But the “Forces Of Evil” will continue to send in agents of potential sabotage by encouraging those who fail to escape, to attack the system that gave them a chance to be free.

On top of that, The Forces of Evil very successfully prevent a great majority of people from ever being interested in or noticing that there is a way out.

Because it keeps people believing that they are already free.

So that when no problem is understood to exist, no solution is looked for.

And these people who never know and never try, align with those who have failed to escape and be free.

The call the system of liberation a “scam” when they are being scammed to death by the forces of evil.

They label all alternative business models as “pyramid schemes” when the jobs that they work with the traditional multi level structure is in fact a real pyramid scheme.

After all, you must really understand the point here.

That if you realize that you have been in slavery, and have chosen to find a way out for you and the people that you love’ even all the people of the world…

Then the Network Marketing and Multi Level Marketing business systems are a very important part of experiencing real (royal) liberation and true freedom.

It is in this business model and that of other types of business ventures, that we can learn and apply the skills that empower us to be in the most control of our lives possible.

Of course there are so many other ways to be free.

This is just one of those ways.

It just happens to be a lucrative solution as well as a conceptual and mechanical solution.

When you combine the ability to make money with people helping each other, then you empower yourself with the resources needed to generalize out to other forms of liberation.

The resource of money in a material world is actually priceless when understood from this perspective. It is a way out of The Matrix.

It is a form of peaceful resistance that gives us the opportunity to change the world that we live in by taking control in a civil way.

It is not just a business opportunity, but an opportunity to create a better world for us all.

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