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I Punched A Wussy In The Face. (true story)

Sometimes, you just need to punch someone

in the face, so they’ll stop being a wussy.
Last week, I was feeling a bit exhausted, so
I picked up the phone, and booked a short
vacation to Cancun, Mexico.
‘Just one of those cool things you can do,
when you’ve got lots of money lying around,
and time to boot.
Anyways, one night I was out and about…
…I don’t know if you’ve ever seen a weanie 
of a man, who feels like they need to show
how ‘macho’ they are by picking on a small
It’s pretty wussy.  Almost as wussy as not
getting 100% commissions.
Anyways, this random guy was man-handling
a lady, and I told him to stop.
He didn’t.
So I walked upand punched him in the face.
I don’t know if you’ve seen one of those ‘epic’
hits, where one blow knocks someone out cold.
Sometimes, you need to punch a wussy in the
face, to help them along in life.
In business, though, you don’t need to.
If someone is being a wussy, and not getting 100%
…life punches them in the face.
Every time they login to their bank account, and 
don’t see the money they want, there’s a ‘pain
reflex’ and you can just see bruises on their ego.
Meanwhile, people like Lawrence Tam are banking
$141,000 in a month, getting 100% commissions.
When we first sought out to help people stop getting
punched in the face in online marketing, we had no
idea that our first 12 months, our top 35 earners would
produce these incomes:

That’s some badass shit.
What’s the moral of the story?
Don’t be a wussy, and get punched in the face.
Don’t be a wussy, just get in.
-David Wood
I Punch Wussies In The Face…
P.S.  The incomes represented above, while 
accurate, delicious, and completely awesome – 
are extraordinary.
Those people worked their ass off over the last
12 months to get those results, and I can’t guarantee
that you’ll make that money, too.
Because you’ve got to work your ass off, if you want
to produce results, and I can’t guarantee that you’re 
not a wussy, either.
If you are, life will punch you in the face, until you
decide to take responsibility, take massive action, and
do whatever it takes.


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