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English Language Pronunciation Experts

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(Hakeem Alexander) There is a great need for English Language Pronunciation Experts in institutions where English is taught as an additional language.

The main purpose for many people learning English as an additional language is to be able to successfully communicate in English.

Education at universities where English is the preferred language, and international business dealings are just two of these very important reasons.

However, it is a pitiful reality that many people, of all ages and backgrounds who are learning English, are being under-served by inadequate teaching standards.

In March of 2016, I traveled to Eastern China’s Zhejiang Province to learn the common language “Putonghua“, and to enjoy a new life outside of the United States where I was born, and lived for almost 40 years.

As a professional tourist, conducting language-learning research in five U.S. States, and 3 countries, I clearly understand the need for English Language Pronunciation Experts for Learners / Students of English as an additional language.

I know many people who have learned English as an additional language from various countries around the world, who even while in command of an impressive repertoire of English vocabulary, fail to communicate effectively because of poor pronunciation.

I continue to experience this as a resident-tourist in mainland China, and during frequent visits to a small island of Taiwan.

Even my own limited utility in speaking Mandarin (Putonghua) has demonstrated the validity of my insistence upon pronunciation specialization in the learning of an additional language.

Additionally, and quite unfortunately, I have also met several English Language teachers, who for several different reasons do not effectively transmit a useable ability to pronounce the English language.

Two of the main reasons are because they are not themselves native speakers who were taught to a high standard, and secondly, they do not emphasize correct pronunciation in their teaching programs.

As stated before, the main reason for many people Learning English as an Additional Language, is to successfully communicate in English.

I am convinced through research, and experience, that English Language Pronunciation Experts are in high demand.

It is for this reason primarily, amongst other motivations, that I have founded the Haiku Science Academy (HSA) as part of HypnoAthletics, to remedy this largely unaddressed failing in English Language Education.


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