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Steal a Little: Piracy & the Economy by David Newhoff

Piracy & the Economy

Steal a Little

I’ve wanted a sailing yacht for years but have never been able to afford one — until now.  Thanks in part to a report on piracy and counterfeiting by the GAO and this explication by
CCIA (Computer & Communications Industry Association)  lobbyist
Matt Schruers, I now have a plan that will put me at the helm of the
sloop Larceny by the Summer of 2016.  And the best part is the
whole family gets to collaborate to make it happen. According to my
rough calculations, all we have to do is steal groceries like a
Dickensian gang for three full years, and we’ll save enough for a
substantial down payment on the boat.  I’m thinking Beneteau 45ft, but
if any seasoned mariner out there has a recommendation, let me know.

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you might think shoplifting food is a bit radical as an alternative
financing option, but that’s where you’re wrong.  See, if the cops nab
me or one of my kids while boosting a chicken from the local farm stand
(we’d steal organic of course), all I have to do is point to this GAO
report, which according to Mr. Schruers, advocates a truly progressive
economic principle most of us have never considered.  If you want more
things than you can afford, steal some and pay for the rest. Why is that
okay? Because in the economy overall, it’ll be a wash. To quote Mr.

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In this blog article “Steal a Little:
Piracy and the Economy”, David Newhoff makes a very striking, thorough
and clear argument that points out the effects of piracy on the economy.

The focus of Steal a Little is something I have been thinking about for many years and it is something that needs to be immediately addressed.

lot of people are, in my opinion, stealing from their friends and
family. Not out of necessity; but out of fear and greed. And they don’t Steal a Little; they steal a lot!

as it relates to musicians and other artistic creators of original
content. David Newhoff’s article is a must read for any creator, artist
and musician.

addition, the comments that accompany Steal a Little are some of the
most thoughtful and useful I have seen from comments in other blog

that means I need to read more blogs, but the comments are like an
extension of the original blog article and are well worth reading.

value, art, music, original creation and our economy depend in a large
part in more people understanding and sharing the ideas in this writing.

Thank you Mr. David Newhoff.

Click Here to—–>Steal a Little<—–Read the Full Article

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