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Eric Shapiro Talks To Himself – A Legitimate Difference In Opinion

A Legitimate Difference In Opinion

Eric Shapiro Talks To Himself

I am glad to say that Mr. Eric Shapiro has been kind enough to let me get to know him a little bit. He certainly keeps himself well occupied with creating entertainment and being part of a beautiful family.

When I saw and read the following post on his FaceBook wall today, I was inspired to share this and asked his permission to log it.

Please enjoy the ranting while your party is reached… –HABA

*”Dear 22-Year-Old Version of Myself:

This note regards the decision you made 13 years ago to relocate from
the east coast to Los Angeles. You did so to follow love and to follow
It was in no way an error, and it caused no regret, but I find
myself marveling at the fact that I’m now the inheritor of a boy’s
relatively simple decision.
You had no idea what you were doing, much
less what was to come.
You knew absolutely nothing of the negotiations,
cash flow considerations, copyright clauses, withholding taxes,
permitting offices, smartphone technologies, social networking
algorithms, glucose, real estate taxes, metabolic changes, in-law
navigations, ovulation cycles, baby skin creams, and manic multitasking
that would come to mark your day-to-day reality.
no one could
have told you that all the bookstores, music stores, video stores, and
arthouse movie theaters where you spent your time growing up would be
swallowed by the Internet amidst quickening digital connections, a
middle class made thin by jobs sent overseas, toxic mortgage trading,
and the Internet itself, rampant nail-biting over climate change,
terrorism, and unemployment, and rampant enthusiasm over online reunions
with old mates, Kickstarted business and creative ventures, expanded
gay rights, legalized marijuana, a black man in the White House, and the
ability to text your loved ones the compelling photographs of your
You never dreamed about it happening to you, but you actually
lived to see seismic shifts in the fabric of reality.
Most personal to
you, the indie films you once binged on and obsessed over would start to
vanish as the studios lost interest ’cause the Chinese devoured the
movie marketplace.
But you know what, kid? I’m proud of you.
‘Cause even
though I laugh at the choice you made so long ago as I drive the
streets of the San Fernando Valley (the Valley?! Can you believe I moved
YOU out here?!), I gotta say — due to some concoction of stubbornness
and/or brutish single-minded simplicity — you kept and grew the love
you followed, and you even grabbed assorted aspects of the dream.
So all
in all, I stand by what you did. Now, the gap between what you knew and
what you did was embarrassingly wide, but out of that gap grew a major
adventure, and I’d be lying if I said I was ever once bored, or if the
heart you brought out here hasn’t deepened.
So I thank you eternally,
with all of that heart, you naive, dumb, crazy bastard.

Eric (age 35)”*



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