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By Rene Cabrera

With Elections less than 30 days away, we enter the standard typical Two Party nonsense. The current hot Two party politicized topic minutia effort is to distract you to believe one is more responsible for certain inadequacies when in fact both share in those inadequacies and more importantly, they are clearly beside the point.

The U.S. was well aware of the virus from the onset in the 1990’s. Had both an established militarized presence in the region resulting from multiple Operations and established DOLLARS and medical aid. More firmly post 2000.

The point is that the miss information on Ebola is in two parts:

1). The Fear Factor promotion of it without the actual science facts associated with it.

2). The actual history of awareness and the blatant simple fact that is was sat on during two Presidential Administrations and Congressional make ups while people met their untimely demise in Africa from it and it spread.

What is also not being highlighted is the other motives for the U.S. being in the country of the origin.

The article as well as both Prime Purchased Parties seem to want to manipulate the recent history and neglect to mention the following in regards to this subject:

1). During the Sequestrations automatic spending cuts that were initiated by the White H
ouse; they were the brainchild of Jack Lew (then-budget director during the negotiations).

2). White House congressional relations chief Rob Nabors — probably the foremost experts on budget issues in the senior ranks of the federal government, Obama personally approved of the plan for Lew and Nabors to propose the sequester to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid [D-Nev.]. They did so at 2:30 p.m. July 27, 2011, according to interviews with two senior White House aides who were directly involved.

3). In 2013, Congress gave the NIH National Institute of Health more than what the White House had requested, but then $1.5 billion was taken away by sequestration this is what Jack Lew, budget director put in the sequester package approved by the White House.

4). On the Congressional side, House GOP majority actually voted in favor to cut funding to the NIH, the CDC, & the Dept. of Health & Human Services. They can be quoted calling them “wasteful gov’t spending”?

But all that previously minutia is Classic Capitol Hill Mud slinging so everyone looks dirty and what they would like distract you with is that one is actually less dirty than the other and that that fact should make you feel better about the situation or the facts….

As if that has any actual relevance or resolution attached to it. As if that means squat ish….

Here is REAL HISTORY neither mentioned in the article or by other party.

How about the awareness of why the U.S. has sat on vaccines and kill agents for 10 years while Africans faced the virus and perished?

Why the poor handling but yet extreme media and administration hype in addition to the U.N. and CDC? Why not put certain things in perspective?

Why not a proactive detailed scalpel precision response plan instead of cookie cutter LCD blanket approaches?

Why not move forward with the Vaccines, other breakthroughs, and Kill Agents

2000 and 2014 Cross reference

November 2000.

Journal of Science reports unprecedented breakthrough on Vaccine development.

August 2014.

Journal of Science update on break through on not just Vaccine, but a immunity breakthrough but does not mention previous report.…/vaop/ncurrent/full/nm.3702.html

U.S. has had intense military presence in Liberia prior beginning from 2003 via Operation Shining Express.…/ops/shining_express.htm

Patient Zero identified as a Human Toddler

“Early in December 2013, the child fell ill in the town Guéckédou, which is along Guinea’s border with Sierra Leone and Liberia


On August 2nd 2014, Dr. Kent Brantly arrived in Atlanta for treatment of the Ebola Virus. First infected Human patient afflicted with Ebola on U.S. Soil.

On August 22nd, 2014, Dr. Kent Brantly becomes the first Human to make a full recovery and seemingly cured of the Ebola Virus. At the very least the first American to make such a recovery who did not exhibit natural immunity and was treated with a pre-existing developed vaccine….

20 day or less turnaround 100% recovery and discharge.
(3 Patients total with the available vaccine and developed treatments they have had for several years)

In 2012 the following facts are known in Liberia

Total assistance from U.S. $571 MILLION+

**Military $510 MILLION
**U.S. Aid $73 MILLION
1.Liberia was the 29th largest recipient of official humanitarian assistance in 2012
2.Liberia received the equivalent of 37.3% of its gross national income (GNI) as aid (ODA) in 2012
3.GNI rank in 2012: 168 of 181
4.Liberia has experienced active conflict in two out of the ten years between 2002 and 2011
5.Classified as a fragile state, 2013/2014
6.Vulnerability index score, 2012-2013: Hig

How could it be possible difficult to find a Big Pharma partner to mass produce a bio vaccine and potential immunity treatments as well as Kill Agents for 12 years when in that time plenty of contractual agreements were signed and developed?

The artic
le above states: “NIH researchers found it difficult (until recently, with [GlaxoSmithKline]) to identify an industrial partner, which is critical for scale-up of vaccine production.”

Now read this from 2012 Alone… Yes the very SAME YEAR over $571 MILLION in aid (mostly militarized) given with $73 MILLION of that in Medical aid dealing with the Virus on ground Zero. How would you not mention and include Ebola in that?

“Biocence is a unique, incomparable and “stand alone,” “Selective Antibacterial, Antiviral,” OTC Human Drug that has shown in repetitive USA BSL 3-4 independent laboratory challenges, its 30 second or less “kill times” on ALL pathogenic Bacterial/Fungal Phyla and all VII viral groups, while supporting beneficial microbes

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