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A=432Hz Cancer Cure (SF/F) EYM -HA- HypnoGenomics: KronoCycler [SubQuantum Agitation]

HypnoGenomics: KronoCycler [SubQuantum Agitation]

A=432Hz Cancer Cure (SF/F) EYM -HA-

(Exercising Your Mind) [Creative Non-Fiction] {Science Fiction / Fantasy}

HypnoAthletics Lucid Oneironautics Division (H.A.L.O. – Delta)
Sentience Protection Agency & Cosmic Embassy (S.P.A.C.E.)
Health Propulsion Laboratories (HPL)

M.E.T.A.-Physician / Field Commander – Alexander, H.A.B.
I.D. = UniquilibriuM: 77917190

SUMMARY: While executing the multi-sensory stimulation techniques developed for specific EpiGenetic Engineering applications of HypnoGenomics developed by Health Propulsion Laboratories;
the author accidentally triggered a latent mechanism that allows cells
to resume their highest functioning, optimal health state by playing a
guitar with the A-note tuned to a frequency of 432Hz; digitally
calibrated by smartChord V2.11 Freeware ( and all other strings relative-tuned to the 432Hz frequency.

Free-Association Notes

data incomplete

information and other details that have been classified TOP-SECRET
CODEWORD have been omitted as a means to protect the financial
considerations of HPL and the economical integrity of this institution,
its officers, partners, employees and affiliates.

CytoVerse Optimization

It was discovered that every living cell always records its most healthy and optimal functioning state.

a healthier or more highly functioning condition is experienced by that
cell, it is recorded as an override of the previously most healthy

Every living cell has a recording of the most optimum and
healthy state and condition it has ever experienced. This high level
state of existence can be triggered into operation at any time.

MultiFactorial Stimulants

are understood to be multiple factors that are capable of fully
stimulating this optimal cellular condition. In other words, there are
many known mechanisms that may operate this faculty.

The current
procedure to be briefly outlined is only one of  many triggers that was
accidentally discovered, observed and recorded through the work of
Health Propulsion Laboratories (HPL).

This discovery was
brought about by a coincidental, chemical-reaction produced by
vibrational variances of coherence and cancellation, here referred to as

The coherence / cancellation variance of
vibration (agitation) is an interference caused by the coincidental,
sonic-vibrations of particles and the wave-forms in the individual
particles themselves.

SubQuantum Agitation (SQA)
A=432Hz + HGF1

term agitation is a term assigned to this very particular factor out of
the multiple that exist because of the mechanism of stimulation.

It was accidental in the same way the carbonated water contents of a plastic bottle would be agitated into reaction by the dropping and tumbling of the bottle from a stable and controlled state.

The New Science of Hypnotically Inducing Cellular Pluripotentiality,
Frequency Factor-One, coincidental with sonic molecular vibrations of
A=432Hz excites and activates SQA.

Toxic and Carcinigenic Residues

Storage DysFunction serves as a model mechanism for outlining
SubQuantum Agitation as a cellular phenomenon. That is the observed
effects of SQA on molecular and cellular condition.

Lysosomes –
(lyse= dissolution or destruction + soma= body) rid cells of molecular
waste through a form of digestion, dissolution or destruction.

from time to time these lysosomes encounter indigestible molecules or
other materials that it cannot digest, dissolve or destroy.

indigestible substances remain as toxic, residual materials left within
the cells that impede or slow down the cell’s optimal functioning.

the body’s cells can not eliminate or destroy unregulated biological
proliferation; tumors, and malignant growths, carcinogenic or cancer
promoting effects are induced or stimulated.

SubAtomic Time-Distortion

collection instruments running at the time of the accidental discovery
and then later used to replicate the findings under the same conditions
recorded the translocation of disease producing substances from within
the cell /organism to a predictable, spherical radius outside of the
cell / organism simultaneously.

That is, the instant or exact
same time as the SubQuantum Agtation was triggered the indigestible and
toxic residues within the cells disappeared from inside the cells and
were deposited outside of the cells within a given space or cloud of
probability external to the cell.

When a cell was exposed to SubQuantum Agitation at 15:30:27; the residue “vanished” from inside the cell at 15:33:24; while at the exact same time 15:30:27, this same residue was found outside the cell.

was determined to be the same residual, indigestible material by way of
thorough quantum, atomic, molecular, cellular, chemical, spectral,
thermal and mass measurement and analysis; before, during and after the
Stimulation of SubQuantum Agitation.

The residual substance was
translocated or teleported in a non-linear time point by occupying a
different space at the same time.

Carcinogens Eliminated by SubAtomic Displacement of Time Distortion

causing and other cytotoxic substances are instantly removed from the
cell / organism and deposited outside of the cell/ organism where it no
longer disrupts optimum functioning.

This so far appears to be an
inherent, although latent capability of all living cells organisms to
manipulate space and time in order to return to their previously
recorded and encoded, optimal state of functionality and health when
appropriately stimulated through SubQuantum Agitation.

interesting, most welcome and as of yet characterized result of this
instant restoration of cells and organisms to their highest functioning
is that there have not been observed any shock reactions.

when a substance is rapidly withdrawn from a subject, there are shock
reactions like toxic withdrawal or contraction / expansion reversal

In the case of treatment or exposure to SubQuantum
Agitation, there are no such responses observed and therefore as of yet,
no averse reactions.

In fact, three subjects in particular, Goshulak, N., Cexara-Amora, C., and Dias, D.
who were accidentally exposed, experienced the benefits of toxin
discharge from their bodies with no negative reactions since initial
exposure on May 2nd 2012.

Their bodies responded favorably as two
of these persons (Goshulak and Dias) experienced gradual body-weight
reductions from being over-weight to more optimally functioning

Mmeanwhile, Cexara-Amora who was previously
diagnosed with stage-3 cancer of the bone-marrow gradually recovered
even after becoming ineligible for continued chemo- and radiation
therapy due to adverse reactions to both of these cancer treatments.

was discovered by the simple observation of improved physical health
and enhanced psychological moods and then later confirming cancer
remission by way of tests administered through the treating physician
and hospital..

RetroActive scanning and sweeping of studios and
laboratories revealed the presence of these carcinogens and toxic
residuals in the wild environments where they were suspected to have
been exposed.

In addition, when replicant studies were carried
out under the same and other more rigidly and tightly controlled
settings, the same residual displacement was observed, measured and

It was observed by the author
and others scientists and clinicians of Health Propulsion Laboratories
that exposure to sonic frequencies around the range of A=432Hz concurrent to the application of proprietary HypnoGenomics – EpiGenetic Engineering Protocol One
(HGF1) stimulates a hitherto unknown, undiscovered or unpublished
ability of cells and organisms to be restored or to return to their most
optimal or highest functioning state as has been previously recorded by
each individual cell.

So far this appears to be a cure for cancer
as well as an undetermined number of other diseases and illnesses due
to the fact that all harmful, toxic and carcinogenic substances and
residues are completely removed from the cell / organism through SQA.

the “data incomplete” as noted above there will be full disclosure
immediately following appropriate protection of intellectual properties
and continued funding and support of HPL, its officers, partners,
employees and affiliates who have contributed to this advancement in

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