The Menisci

The Menisci

The menisci are made of tough cartilage. The medial meniscus is on the inside of the knee and the lateral meniscus rests on the outside of the knee. These menisci function to distribute body weight across the knee joint. The menisci consist of semilunar fibrocartilage, partly filling the space between the femoral and tibial bones.

Primary functions:

1. To act as shock absorbers.

2. To increase the stability of the knee joint.

3. To provide a thin layer of synovial fluid,

   providing nutrition to the articular cartilage.

4. To aid in the mechanical functions of the knee joint

The two most common causes of a meniscus tear are due to traumatic injury (often seen in athletes) and degenerative processes (older individuals). The most common mechanism of a traumatic meniscus tear occurs when the knee joint is bent and twisted simultaneously.

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