CPR Adult 4

CPR Adult

Flash Card 4

If the victim does not respond, yell for help. This way an emergency unit is en route as you take the necessary steps to resuscitate the victim. If someone comes, have him phone 911 without hesitation and also have him retrieve the AED (automated external defibrillator). An AED is simple to use and can typically do three things: 1) Recognize the heart has stopped. 2) Tell the rescuer when a shock is needed (typically a simple press of a button) 3) Give a shock after the rescuer has properly placed the pads on the victim.

“Call 911!”

“Get the AED”

CPR Fact

An AED is easy to operate. It uses voice prompts to instruct the rescuer. Once the machine is turned on, the rescuer will be prompted to apply two electrodes provided with the AED to the victim’s chest. Once applied, the AED will begin to monitor the victim’s heart rhythm. If a “shockable” rhythm is detected, the machine will charge itself and instruct the rescuer to stand clear of the victim and to press the shock button (typically red in color).

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