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A Few Great Reasons Why I Should Delete You From My E-Mail List

[This is an example of my interpretation of “Pattern Interrupt” via E mail]

you for helping me clear this up. And thank you for always being open
and receptive to my messages and various communications of all kinds
even if we have just met recently or have been acquainted throughout the
years. However…

You may not care what I know;
or what I do;
or why.
If so, just reply right now with “REMOVE” in the subject line and I will proceed to be at your service and flush your electrons at once. This is just practical.
I just want to be as efficient and effective as possible.
indulge me the rare moment of being vulnerable and allow me to ask the
following questions: (after which you may still request a disconnect of
  • Are you aware of how much I actually care about you? Even if I don’t know you well?
  • Do
    you know that I do not ever cry for myself but when I do cry (it’s rare
    O.K.) it is because I see people in the world around me on fire?
  • Were
    you aware that once I realized how much pain I could feel, that I also
    realized that others could also be so hurt – and so decided that I would
    make it my business to figure out how to be a solution to this hurting
    and not a contributor to it?
  • Maybe you were not aware of these things, but I am telling you like it is.
Imagine being on a personal development journey for 16 years that actually made your FTW tattoo on your left shoulder transform in meaning from “F*$k The World” to “Fabulously Tremendous Wealth” and to the current meaning of “Found The Way“.
though I do not use an auto-responder or other artificial-intelligence
program to manage my e-mail lists, I do send out mass e-mails to
everyone, including you, who’s email that I have on file. To friends,
family and associates the same.
How else do
I let you all know what I’m creating since I don’t see you every day or
may not live in your town? You might even find what I am composing to
be useful, important, helpful or at least amusing, entertaining and
This is done because of a belief.
A belief that I have developed a vision that can actually
Exercise Your Mind
towards being more loving, or as I say
“…Towards Universal Harmony and Spiritual Wisdom.”
that you are not already a very loving person, (I may not know you
well, but I care as I do for all) but because I have noticed from time
to time that the world we live in is filled with not so loving
information in many of the forms of media we pay attention to, and it
can definitely influence our thoughts, our lives and the people we care
So I just think we all might appreciate a reminder of all the wonderful and beautiful things in life.
have simply chosen to be part of that small minority who consciously
decides to share with you a more uplifting message for a change.
am with the team that believes in “positive thinking” and “personal
development” and that there is actually a great reason for such passions
to exist.
My particular mission to see this vision come to life is through
Healthy-Living & Self-Defense.”
These are things I know very well and have realized that any mission or way, will get you to your destination as long as you have decided on a vision or goal.
I am very outcome oriented and do not wish to waste your time or mine
and would prefer that those who are getting my e-mails are receptive to
A Few Great Reasons Why I Should Delete You From My E-Mail List.
  1. You get too many e mails in general.
  2. You already know everything that I write about and it is annoying…
  3. You don’t believe me.
  4. I clutter up your mail-box with information that is useless to you.
  5. You don’t like me.
  6. You don’t remember or know who the heck I am.
  7. You will never support anything that I do.
  8. You do not have the time to explore my offerings.
  9. Insert your great reason here[_____________]
So you don’t have to specify why you would like to be removed. Whatever the reason is very O.K. with me.
I just want to be as efficient and effective as possible.
the case that we decide to remain as e-mail contacts, I will continue
to keep you up-to-date with what I am doing, sometimes one-on-one, often
times “en-mass”, because I happen to meet and greet lots of you and
find it an effective way to spread the word.
Thanks again for helping me to clear things up. You may be reading from me again soon. Stay well!

-H A-
Hakeem Alexander
Healthy Living & Self-Defense
The Billion-Dollar Master Mind Alliance
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protected by legal privilege. If you are not the intended recipient, be
aware that any disclosure, copying, distribution or use of this e-mail
or any attachment may be prohibited in some circumstances. If you have
received this e-mail in error, please notify us immediately by returning
it to the sender at Hakeem@HypnoAthletics.com and delete this copy from your system. 

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