JackAss Financial Service: My Day As A Money Mule – The NewTech International Scam

Hakeem Alexander

(Exercising Your Mind) Imagine easy-money flowing to you and receiving a check in your name for $72,687.00!
What if you barely did any work for it and it all happened in just
3-weeks after making initial contact with the employer who hired you to

Well, this is exactly what happened to me, with the first
contact beginning on January 13th 2013. I was “hired” by a company
claiming to be NewTech International, based in China. I was to be their “payment recovery agent“.
And according to Mr. Tony Zhi, I was to earn a 10% commission jut for
receiving and processing payments for the company he represented.

: Newtech International Limited with More than 50 R&D staff with
rich experience is able to design and develop new products per clients‘
requests. Averagely 6 to 10 new products are released with appearance
and performance advantage each month. The special features and designs
enhance the product portability and manufacturing simplicity. We
manufacture and distribute consumers Electronics to every part of the
world including, USA, Europe, India, Africa amongst other nations.

We mainly deal on Mobile Phones, Accessories, Car DVD Players, Car
Electronics Accessories, Security / Surveillance Equipments, PMP MP3/
MP4/ MP5 Players, Electronic Gadgets, Computer Accessories, Video Games
Accessories and other high end products

Our Company
is currently seeking for an Individual or a company to act as our Sole
Representative/ Collection representative in USA if Interested Kindly
write back so we could provide you with Further details.

Mr. Tony Zhi
Email: newtech1997@live.com

mules are commonly recruited with job advertisements for “payment
processing agents,” “money transfer agents,” “local processors,” and
other similar titles
.”             –http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Money_mule

you be interested in such a quick wind-fall of easy cash to help out
with a few debts that desperately needed to be paid off? Would you
disregard your common sense to gain financial wholeness, even if the
offer seemed “to good to be true”?

Your duty is to make
contact, process and receive payments from our customers scattered all
over USA. It is important to note that no initial investment is required
except your ability to work diligently
.” –From : Tony Zhi  -Date : 13 Jan 2013

What if even if only 10% of that amount was yours? That is still seven-thousand, two-hundred & sixty-eight dollars for typing a few emails over the course of 3-weeks!

that this offer is on commission bases, which is you are entitled to
10% commission of every payment collected from our customers/debtors

I should have been suspicious right away when he should have spelled “bases” as “basis”. But I ASSumed since he was from china he was allowed a few corruptions of the English language.

According to Wikipedia:

A money mule
is a person who transfers stolen money or merchandise from one country
to another, either in person, through a courier service, or

Well, I swiftly responded and then got a


from the “Company Attorney” who was called “Mr. Yuangao Andrew” on January 19th, 2013.


Just one-week after my “LETTER OF AUTHORIZATION”, I was told that the check was in the mail. Imagine the excitement!

Check out this “Notification Of Payment” e-mail I received on January 26th 2013:

Mr Hakeem Alexander

Top of The Day To You.

Kindly be notify that we have just been inform by one of our highly esteemed customer Mr Craig Richardson  that he has sent a check part payment of $72,687.90 to you on the contact address you provided.

are to immediately keep us updated upon the receipt of the payment and
deposit the payment with your bank and notify us on when funds will be
released by your bank. So that we can instruct you.

Thanks for your time and diligence.

Tony Zhi.
Department Manager”

I actually received the check in the amount of $72,687.00 on February 8th 2013. After opening an account at Bank of America, the money was put on hold to be released on February 15th, 2013.


consequences of this was that Bank of America closed my account and I
probably have some explaining to do and report this to the authorities.
It is a very good thing that I was a little bit cautious. When I
reported the problem to Mr. Tony Zhi, he wrote back to me that I would
then be getting the payments as a direct wire-transfer.

the following e mail really set the alarm bells ringing. This is after
he learned that I have 3 other bank accounts which were not closed due
to his client’s funny-money check. Look out for the information
requested. REALLY? to transfer me money you need my personal access info? Not even I am that stupid.

Mr. Hakeem Alexander,

provide the details in the format so the other clients can start
effecting their payments through wire transfer as the management has
restricted check payments for now from customers.

Account Name:
Bank Name:
Bank Address:
Account Number:
Routing Number:
Account Online Login Details –
Security Test Question :
Security Test Answer :

We await your prompt response

Tony Zhi

am very curious as to what consequences i will be subject to because of
this. I have already received notification from one of my credit
monitoring services that I have a “derogatory” reporting on my credit
since this whole fiasco has taken place in the very short time that it
has been.

After money or merchandise
has been stolen using any of those methods, a scammer will employ a mule
to relay the money or goods to the scammer. This process
obscures the scammer’s true identity and location from the initial victim. Money mules may be subject to criminal prosecution for their actions.” –http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Money_mule

it is not like my life is not always this exciting anyway. It is a very
good thing that I have made some other very good business investments
in tools and education. maybe I am allowed to make a REALLY STUPID
MISTAKE like this once in my life.

All in all, this should serve as a !!!WARNING!!!
to the many people out there who are being preyed upon every day by
these people. It is sad that most of the victims of scams like these are
the ones who can LEAST AFFORD IT. Such is the life of crime.


Mr. Tony Zhi
Email: newtech1997@live.com

Address: Newtech Industrial Park, No. 3 Industrial Zone, Songgang Town, Bao’an District Shenzhen Guangdong , China
Email: markyang004@yahoo.com
Phone: 86-1062688818

Country / Region:   China
Province / State: Guangdong
City: Shenzhen
Message Origin:   China

Just kidding. Don’t do that.

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