M.A.R.S. – Massive Action Response Systems

There is a big difference between actual value and perceived value. Or is there?

you envision the excessive cash-flow that would result from a gigantic
rain-fall of eager to buy leads flooding into your marketing funnel?

if there was an innovation that was sweeping through the internet that
allowed for the creation of huge amounts of online traffic?

How would it benefit you if this same innovation captured those leads for you and organized them based on quality?

the enormous wealth that would be created if the highest quality leads
were quickly converted to sales by a turn-key system?!

I often
wonder if thinking of online marketing, or any marketing at all as being
that simple and easy is just a fools game. Is it the highest form of
self-deception to think that a lead-generating solution could be created
on the internet that would virtually do ninety-percent of the selling
for you?

Sometimes it sounds like there are many so-called
marketing gurus, on and off-line that promise or at least strongly
suggest that this type of wealth-attracting power is not only possible,
but probable!


could suppose correctly that the power of a strong human desire would
be able to manifest such a method, technique or device. Is it really
such a far-fetched or unbelievable idea that great fortunes could be
built online from automated systems generating and converting leads?

it is. It could be that there is some unseen law in the Universe that
prohibits such things from happening because it would murder the spirit
of human ingenuity and intellect. An inventive ability of the human mind
that so often seems to dream up the most wonderful and useful resources
when need and desperation present themselves.

It actually may be
more likely that there is some combination of the two conditions
presented most usually. The conditions of money-making are often
understood as being either an activity or pursuit that requires a great
deal of very hard work, while on the other hand it is believed that one
can just be open and accepting to money and it will flow easily.

reality is most probably that a lot of initial work must be focused on
creating a system that can be set into motion. Once the system has been
set into motion by the original condition of very hard work, then the
passive income will rain down on the creator or controller of such a

We could give it the clever name of a not too far neighboring planet and call it MARS: Massive Action Response System. Perhaps the idea is really too out in space to be a reality. Maybe not.

is very tempting to fantasize about easy money. Especially in a world
where money represents value, and is often perceived as being exchanged
fairly for the value that a person creates and contributes to the world.

this does not fit the observation of actual conditions and may not be
entirely accurate. The reason for this statement is that it has been
observed by the author that many very talented, intelligent and
therefore valuable people do not profit greatly or at all.

is a saying that can be paraphrased as “It does not matter how valuable
you are if no one knows about it.” One bit of evidence that may support
this idea is found in the very business of marketing. Gold does not just
spring out of the earth and make its way into jewelery, coin and other
precious forms.

Gold and valuable people have to have a way of
making themselves known in order to be desired. And then this is not
even the end. Because the person that knows of a thing must find value
in the person or product that would be beneficial to themselves. One
must come to the understanding that some need or desire of their own
will be met and satisfied in some way by the person or object that they
become aware of.

What one person thinks has value another person
may not. There is a difference between actual value and perceived value.
And in general, this is a very subjective and personal point of

The sensible goal in all of marketing then, is to
identify a specific group that is defined by certain built in
characteristics that guide their behavior.

If looked at closely,
it can be found that no matter what is happening, there is always a
group of people, a market, that is not being served or having their
needs met. Taking the time to use creativity and implementing
intelligently planned action would most likely be able to identify such

Deploying such carefully crafted plans of actions could
serve as a test when certain conditions are met and the results are
effectively recorded and documented.

Perhaps such a wonderfully profit yielding, Massive Action Response System
does in fact exist. It could be that it is closer to you than you may
have dared to believe. The possibility is that you are in possession of
this stunning, life-changing, wealth-attractor right now!

Action in itself may be the very personal Response to use to attain the
System you desire. Could it be that you have been the jailer of your
good fortune all along? Is it possible that you hold the key to
unlocking your dreams?

By searching within ourselves we will find that the SECRET OF SUCCESS is not so far away as we may have believed it to be.

Originally Published on Hakeem Alexander’s

Online Motivational Writing & Internet Success Course

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